Ski pass Bukovel

When choosing a place for rest, people consider various options of the most attractive offers. The Bukovel ski resort gained the huge popularity among fans of the extreme rest. Incredibly beautiful nature and tempting offers attract more and more visitors every year.

ski pass Bukovel

So you decided to go on vacation into Bukovel. Of course, you will use the ski lifts and want to learn or enjoy skiing and other kinds of winter transport. Also purchasing a ski pass Bukovel will be a perfect and economical option for you.

What is a ski pass? It is a plastic card with a chip, a ticket for skiing, with which you can use the lifts under the certain conditions.

It is very advantageous to buy the ski pass Bukovel in advance for a large number of days, for example, from 5 to 7 days. So, you can save more than 40 percent of the total amount, which should be paid for the entire period.

You can certainly buy a ticket for two or three days depending on how many days you plan to go skiing. Beginners are recommended to buy the ski pass Bukovel for one day. Also there are discounts for children under five years old, they can use the lift free when accompanied by one adult, and children from six to twelve years receive a discount of 30 percent. You must have an original or a copy of the birth certificate to confirm the age of the child. The discounts are valid for privileged categories of people if there is a document confirming the category of a privileged person, for example disabled people, war veterans and pensioners.

Prices and promotions for the ski pass Bukovel vary depending on a season or holidays. For example, the ticket “Holiday” being valid from 2nd to 6th Janukry can be purchased at the box office during this action.

The ski passes Bukovel are divided into two categories:

  1. A ticket purchased at the box office should be used on the same day, for example, if you buy the ticket for 10th – 15th Janukry, that is, you can use the lift all these days, but if you miss a day, nevertheless it will be considered used.
  2. A promotional ski pass purchased in advance for a certain number of lifts is termless for the entire duration of your holiday. For example, you rest from 1st to 10th day, and the ticket is for 30 lifts, then the next time you visit the resort you will be able to use it again, even if you come back in six months.

In addition to these variants, there are some temporary actions at the box offices, discounts for morning or evening skiing. But it will be better to ask about the prices and actions when coming to the resort. Then a cashier will tell you which variant suits you best according to your skiing experience.

Now you know how to have a great vacation and just save on it.


What do you need to know about the local customs and holidays?

The local people venerate their religion, traditions and customs. Naturally, you should take it seriously in order not to offend the hospitable and friendly inhabitants of Western Ukraine. In winter there are interesting folk festivals. Many celebrations are connected with the fortune-telling. The traditional festival fortune-telling being held on the Andrii day, Christmas and others are associated with magic. The children’s Christmas guessing is very interesting in this regard; a bag with hay is put under the table and a little child sits on it and says the words “Kuvo-ku –vo for Christmas, our chickens have a handful of eggs”. After that the child imitates the sounds of all the animals in order the cattle to be good and healthy.

These and many other interesting customs can be seen by the local people during the winter holidays in the Carpathians in Bukovel.

In order to immerse oneself in the atmosphere of celebration and joy, you can use our transfer services.

Our company “Transfer to Bukovel” provides the passenger transfer services around the western region of Ukraine.

Your rest in the Carpathians in Bukovel will be even more beautiful and memorable if you take advantage of our services in order to get to your destination in any point of the western part of the country.

We provide the best cars of high quklity and comfort, according to your requests and wishes considering the number of tourists and children of all ages. It is also possible to transfer people with disabilities. We have the cars of the standard and VIP classes. Maximum number of passengers in a comfortable bus is fifty people. We offer also basic excursions during the trip.

Our formula for success is providing the quklity, responsible and timely service for our customers.

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