Bukovel ski

Bukovel ski

Various sport competitions are constantly held in Bukovel; training in three disciplines: swimming, running and cycling is required. Bukovel Sprint Triathlon Cup is the highest mountain sprint – triathlon in Ukraine.

The participants overcame 750 meters by swimming, 5 kilometers by running and 20 kilometers by bicycle. Everyone could take part in the competition. Neither age nor training is absolutely important, the main thing is desire and thirst for adventures. All participants were divided into groups of amateurs and professionals. An electronic chip timing system at the foot of the athlete worked perfectly – the results after crossing the tracks were displayed online. Everything conformed to the latest technology.

In winter  Bukovel ski is a center for training athletes in winter sports, while we have created unique opportunities for summer sports. It is not surprising that the athletes choose the mountainous terrain for their trainings, because fortitude and endurance are hardened here, the resort Bukovel has all the necessary conditions for skiing and training from a gym and to multifunctional playgrounds for tennis, basketball, volleyball. Today Bukovel is a sport center of the Carpathians, and in general, Ukraine, it is not surprising that it attracts the organizers of such events.

Skiing in Bukovel – how can anyone rent equipment for skiing beneficially and correctly?

Equipment rental centers are located near each lift station. In order to rent the equipment you need:

  1. To have a document confirming the identity of the person; the passport or driver’s license with the car registration certificate.
  2. The document’s owner must be present by getting equipment. You also have to give the caution money in an amount of the total value of the equipment you need.
  3. Payment is made at the box office.
  4. Caring attitude to the things rented.
  5. If you have damaged, broken or lost any equipment its total value shall be reimbursed.
  6. The documents and the caution money will be returned to you at the end of the lease term.
  7. The caution money is not refundable by delay of the equipment rental term.

Rental prices are different, depending on the type of equipment and the number of rented items. A full set: ski, boots, poles, helmets are from 100 to 400 hryvnias.

A snowboard with a helmet and boots are from 110 to 230 hryvnias. Renting a protective helmet is obligatory for all without exception, and costs 50 hryvnias.


The number of tourists increases every year. Graduklly, more and more people discover the beauty and attractiveness of a holiday in Bukovel. Also, the number of tourists from other countries constantly increases; particularly an interest of foreign guests in the Bukovel ski resort is noticeable. During the season 2019-2021, Bukovel was visited by half a million holidaymakers. According to some reports, the number of tourists increases by twenty percent every year. Summertime is also gaining momentum in popularity. If winter holidays in the Carpathians used to be in demand only during the cold season, now the resorts’ owners need to triple a line of beaches for vacationers. Statisticians say that even more tourists will visit the western resorts of our country throughout the year 2021.

Different quests are held in Bukovel on the day of the transition from the winter to summer season, the participants can try themselves at cycling, boating, catamarans racing. Also choreographic competitions, swimming and many other interesting entertainments are held.

Rest in the Carpathians in winter 2021 promises to be even more interesting, and the availability of new entertainments will brighten up your leisure. More snow, more emotions and joy.

Right now you need to think about how to go to the resort, where to rent a house and how to get to the point of destination.

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There are cars of high comfort level for business travelers in our fleet. We provide also, transfer of people with reduced capabilities.

Using the transfer services of the best company “Transfer to Bukovel” you make the first step to a wonderful and memorable stay in the Carpathian Mountains in winter 2021.

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