Transfer Vorokhta to Bukovel

transfer from vorokhta to bukovel
Train Kiev – Vorokhta takes tourists to Bukovel

Driving on mountain roads is always followed by uncertainty and some risk.Therefore, planning a transfer from Vorokhta to Bukovel, tourists choose a suitable transport company. Above all, with a focus on driver experience, comfort and maximum safety while on the way. This is exactly what “Transfer Bukovel” is – reliable, responsible and professional!

Regular transfers from Vorokhta to Bukovel

Vorokhta is popular with tourists for its amazing nature, national cuisine and affordable housing. This is an amazing Carpathian resort with rich aromas of fir and beech trees, clean air, Hutsul hospitality, originality and comfort.

Ski lovers are offered gentle slopes and unique jumps. Here everyone can have a great holiday in winter and summer, as well as discover local cuisine in the local cafes and restaurants. The ski trails in Vorokhta are ideal for beginners, but if you are a pro and want to try your hand at winding snow-covered paths, you should order a transfer from Vorokhta to Bukovel.

Why you should visit Vorokhta

Basically, in winter, tourists come to Vorokhta for the purpose of renting housing. Here it is quite affordable and inexpensive in comparison with Bukovel. You can choose a hostel, a private house, a guest house, a cottage or a hotel. Staying on the territory of the village, you can see the incredible nature of the Carpathians, because it literally spreads out on the coast of the Prut mountain river.

Almost all winter sports lovers know about Vorokhta, because it is here that the Ukrainian national team is trained. Here you can visit the ancient churches of Paul and Peter. They are made of pure wood in 17th century. Another religious monument is the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin. Without a doubt, Vorokhta is a place of contrasts. Walking along the streets, you can see both the Hutsul archaic houses made of stone, brick and wood, ancient architectural structures and churches, as well as modern stylish cottages.

You can plunge into the world of this small paradise and explore Hutsul villages. Lofty mountains, crystal-clear lakes, dense green forests, rapid meandering rivers, magnificent nature and incredibly clean air literally beckon domestic and foreign tourists.

To get all this extravaganza of positive and vivid impressions, book a trip from Vorokhta to Bukovel with our managers. It will allow you to explore several famous resorts of the Carpathians. You will have the opportunity to choose any excursion destination and use the services of local guides. The direction Vorokhta – Bukovel is one of the priorities for us, since this route is one of the most popular. Considering this aspect, we have selected only the best drivers for transportation between Vorokhta and Bukovel, who live in this area and can quickly arrive at the right place. No matter if it’s a resort, a cottage, a railway station – we will pick you up from the desired point, because we perfectly know both Vorokhta and Bukovel. You won’t be bored on the way, because an incredibly beautiful panorama of local nature will open before your eyes. Our specialists create the most optimal, convenient and safe routes, so we guarantee that your journey with us will be exciting.

Transfer Vorokhta Bukovel. Price 2024

VehiclePrice, UAH
Minivab (8 pax.)1050
Mercedes S Class, W2213000
Minibus (20 pax.)3000

Group trips back and forth

Our company has been organizing the transport of passengers to the Carpathians for many years. At one time, we started as a small carrier, but thanks to a responsible attitude to work, we have become an experienced carrier with an extensive client base.

We offer transfers to Bukovel ski resort. Thanks to the efforts of our professional logistician, we can offer our customers the safest and most convenient routes. We have our own fleet composed of reliable and modern cars of different classes and capacity.

Feel free to contact the services of our company, as our experienced drivers will comfortably and quickly bring you to your destination, having first met at the specified place in Vorokhta. Even if you want to visit Bukovel for one day, no question. We will take you there and pick you up at a convenient time for you.

We are ready to fill any order: you go on vacation alone or in a large group. In any case, we will do our job at the highest level. Most of our clients want to visit Bukovel in order to experience the drive of ski resorts. But there are also those who prefer a more measured rest, for example, walking along the mountain slopes in the crystal-clear air.

We organize the round trip in such a way that each passenger can effectively rest and quickly reach the destination. In addition, you can also order an individual trip in a high-class comfortable car. Even a long journey will be short, as time flies by. You will come to Bukovel from Vorokhta rested and relaxed, because the beautiful landscapes of the mountains that appear outside the car window will give a lot of positive and vivid emotions.

Transport services in Vorokhta

Transfer Bukovel Company is a close-knit team of specialists. We have our own fleet of sedans, minivans or buses. You can order a minibus with a capacity of up to 21 people. If you are planning to travel with a large company, we offer coach busses for 50 passengers.

You can order a car for a transfer or hire a taxi. Our managers are ready to answer all your questions. Contact us right now. We speak English. We have a competitive pricing policy that directly depends on the destination, distance of travel and the number of passengers. All points of the transfer Vorokhta – Bukovel are negotiated individually. Place and order and our specialists will contact you very soon. Use the services of trusted carriers only.

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