Bukovel rafting tours

bukovel rafting tours

If you like extreme and active summer vacation then rafting in the Carpathians is what you need! Untouched nature, stormy mountain rivers and maximum adrenaline. Rafting on catamarans and rafts will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the Carpathians. Book a rafting tour from Bukovel right now at the best price.

The best rivers for rafting in the Carpathians

Rafting on unruly mountain rivers is ideal for lovers of thrills and vivid impressions. You can enjoy the incredible scenery and fresh air, receiving a lot of positive and pleasant emotions.

Every year rafting in the Carpathians becomes more popular, as it allows you to go on an unforgettable water adventure. The greatest demand among tourists is the Dzembronya village located in the heart of the Carpathians.

It is the highest mountain village in Ukraine with extreme routes, developed infrastructure, magnificent landscapes, clean mountain air and peaceful silence. Bukovel is famous for its turbulent rivers, which are ideal for rafting.


This is one of the most difficult rivers for rafting in all of Ukraine (4-5 category). The water here is unpredictable and unstable, so only trained people will be able to “catch” it. After rains it rises very quickly, becoming fast and powerful.

Chorna Tysa

The river is located in the upper reaches, small and quite interesting. When ordering rafting in the Carpathians on the Tysa river, be prepared to “catch water”. Difficulty of thresholds – 2-3 categories. Upper drain sills are suitable for kayaks. The middle part is high water, so it is designed for double catamarans.


The river is fascinating only after the rains or in the spring, as it has many obstacles in the form of branches, narrow channels and gullies. Thresholds here are not difficult (1-2 categories). The water is flat and calm, flowing through the valley. Such alloys on catamarans, rafts and kayaks are suitable for beginners.


It is similar to the Stryi river, where it flows, but has many obstacles and the second category of difficulty. After the rains in the first half of April begins to fill with water. It flows through deserted and picturesque places, which can be admired by kayaking or catamarans.


Dificult river (3-4 categories). Requires attention and preparation, because the rafting on it is very rich and dynamic. It is distinguished by the presence of various rapids and picturesque nature.

Rafting in Bukovel: why you should try

Rafting in the Carpathians is an extreme acquaintance with nature on mountain rivers. It allows you to see the splendor and calm of the water, as well as raise the level of adrenaline in your blood.

Those who have tried rafting in Bukovel appreciated its benefits:

  • adrenaline rush, accompanied by vigor and strong emotional shock. This mass of sensations will allow you to forget about fatigue, depression and problems;
  • stress reduction. The surrounding silence is as relaxing as possible, unpleasant aspects of life take a back seat. You enjoy the beautiful scenery and the sounds of wildlife;
  • mountain air – clean and fragrant, which has a beneficial effect on the brain, lungs and heart;
  • strengthening the muscular system due to constant tension on the shoulders, back and arms;
  • the best cardio workout. Oxygen-filled air in combination with exercise will be an effective replacement for the usual gym;
  • unforgettable adventure – rafting in the Carpathians is carried out in colorful places that enchant with their beauty and grandeur;
  • spending time together – no matter who you go on tour with, family or friends, your relationship will be even stronger as rafting requires leadership skills, teamwork and discipline;
  • your self-esteem increases. Rafting is like competing with yourself and a way to show yourself that any obstacle can be overcome.

Challenge the stormy river, get a lot of unforgettable emotions, enjoy an active and extreme vacation. We’ll arrange everything. Rafting requires a professional instructor who will tell you about the rules of conduct on the water, raft management, insure in case of an unforeseen situation. Do not contact dubious and inexperienced companies, because your safety depends on your choice.

Rafting tour in the Carpathians – choose the best

Our company is your guarantee of a comfortable and safe trip. Our team has been engaged in passenger transportation to the Carpathians for many years. We offer customers modern transport, experienced drivers and reasonable prices.

We form an affordable pricing policy through close cooperation with travel agencies and hotels. Ordering rafting in the Carpathians, you can save about 10-30%. The main rule of our company is the maximum safety of each client.

We work directly with the best travel agencies that offer quality equipment and a high level of service. Therefore, you can book a tour with us. We speak your language and ready to answer all your questions about rafting in the Carpathians.

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