Verkhovyna – the heart of Hutsul land

Observation tower in Verkhovyna

Verkhovyna is a small village in the Carpathians. It’s a unique mix of crystal clear waters of the Chorny Cheremosh river, evergreen spruces and the meadows covered with flowers. Tourists are immersed in the atmosphere of authenticity of the Hutsul region. Listen to traditional Hutsul music, and legends about molfars. Verkhovyna is a great place to escape from civilization. You will definitely find what to see here.

This town has preserved ancient rites, traditions and way of life. For many centuries they have been passed down from generation to generation. Only here the hands of masters create wonderful objects of decorative and applied arts. Transfer Bukovel is ready to comfortably take you to the origins of the Hutsul people.

Where to go and what to see?

Today Verkhovyna is one of the most popular tourist destinations as it offers various types of activities. In winter you can go skiing and in summer you can get rich culturally. The town welcomes gourmets with original local dishes, and the aesthetes are greeted with wonderful views. We have gathered the most interesting places of Verkhovyna, which can surprise even an experienced traveler.

Chorny Cheremosh river

Compared to the Prut river, Chorny Cheremosh is shallow. It means it’s great for bathing children. The beach is well-groomed. Since it is a mountain village, a magnificent view of the Carpathians is guaranteed. And the stormy current helps to distract from domestic worries. Extreme enthusiasts can go rafting. Chorny Cheremosh is the most popular river in the region for mountain rafting.

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors Museum

The museum was created in honor of the famous film, which has received numerous international awards. A movie was made in an old wooden house in 1963-64. The Shadows completely conveyed the life philosophy of the Hutsuls. The film poetizes the usual joys of life and harmony with the surrounding nature. Every detail and thing has a special meaning, so you should book a tour of this amazing place to fully absorb the atmosphere that prevails here.

Roman Kumlyk Museum of Musical Instruments

The museum was founded by Hutsul, world-famous virtuoso musician Roman Kumlyk. Mr. Roman could play 35 musical instruments. He was very fond of his native land. The museum preserves the owner’s love for Hutsul music, personal belongings, Hutsul household items and various musical instruments. Interesting places of Verkhovyna are supplemented by a place where cymbals, trembitas, various pipes, violins (large collection), bagpipes and other rare exhibits are presented. 

Museum of Hutsul Magic

Truly charming place of Verkhovyna, which allows you to get acquainted with the attributes of the molfars. These are hermits who live in the mountains and collect healing herbs. It is said that by communicating with nature, they know about human destiny and cure serious diseases. We advise you to go to the museum with a guide who will tell you about each attribute, legends of the present and distant past.

 “Khata-Staya” Museum

Tourists can learn about national household items and clothing. Here you can find a small cheese farm where you can taster brynza (the Hutsul cheese). It’s prepared according to an ancient recipe known only to the natives. Tourists can also learn to cook traditional dishes in special workshops.

Magurka mount

A great way to enjoy the stunning scenery that opens from the top to the town and the villages nearby. From Magurka you can see dense forests, Hryniava Mountains and the Chornogirski ridge. Many thyme and raspberries are found during the ascent. Such rest has a beneficial effect on body and soul. So if you do not know what to see in Verkhovyna, head to the mountains for vivid impressions.

Observation tower

This is a tree house with a view of the Verkhovyna and the Carpathian Mountains. Getting here is easy. The route to the top of the hill passes through the forest.

Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin

One of the largest religious buildings made of wood in Ukraine. Built in the 18th century in the national style. The church embodies the local flavor. Made in bright yellow color with four silver domes. Rectangular design. A three-tiered wooden bell tower is nearby. Dense trees stand majestically around the church like the guards guarding the temple.

Pysanyi stone

A place of strength. Natural geological monument, where ancestors carved petroglyphs (images). The stone once served as a pagan temple, so it has nine round recesses.

White Elephant Observatory and Pip Ivan Mountain

Several routes of varying difficulty lead to the top of the mountain, located at an altitude of 2022 m above sea level. As you climb the route, you will see many labels that allow you to travel without a guide. The Polish Astronomical Observatory is at the top. In winter it is covered on all sides with ice and snow, creating the silhouette of the animal.

Transfer-Bukovel company is ready to take you to the unique pearl of the Hutsul region. We will help you organize the best holiday. You will remember it for a lifetime. Our consultants will help you with information: where to stay in Verkhovyna and what to see in this unique spot. We cooperate with travel agencies, so you have an excellent and informative pastime.

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