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Transfer Ivano-Frankivsk – Bukovel. Price

Car Passenger seats Cost in UAH, one way
Hyundai Tucson (2008) 3 1500
Skoda Superb (2014) 3 1700
Volkswagen Passat B8 (2017) 3 1800
Audi A6 (2011) 3 2000
Mercedes E-Class (2013) 3 3800
Mercedes-Benz GL-350 (2010) 3 3800
Mercedes Vito (2010) 8 1600
Volkswagen Caravelle (2013) 8 1800
Mercedes Vito Tourer (2016) 8 2100
Mercedes Vito 2015 (шкіряний салон) 8 2500
Volkswagen Crafter (2013) 11 2200
Mercedes Sprinter 315 VIP (2010) 10 3400
Mercedes Sprinter 316 (2012) 18 3000
Mercedes Sprinter XXL (2010) 21 3500

Transfer Lviv – Bukovel. Price

Car Passenger seats Cost in UAH, one way
Hyundai Tucson (2008) 3 3500
Skoda Superb (2014) 3 4125
Volkswagen Passat B8 (2017) 3 4500
Audi A6 (2011) 3 5000
Mercedes E-Class (2013) 3 9500
Mercedes-Benz GL-350 (2010) 3 9500
Mercedes Vito (2010) 8 4000
Volkswagen Caravelle (2013) 8 4500
Mercedes Vito Tourer (2016) 8 5250
Mercedes Vito 2015 (шкіряний салон) 8 6250
Volkswagen Crafter (2013) 11 5500
Mercedes Sprinter 315 VIP (2010) 10 8500
Mercedes Sprinter 316 (2012) 18 7500
Mercedes Sprinter XXL (2010) 21 8750

Transfer from Lviv airport to the city center

Car Passenger seats Cost in UAH, one way
Minivan (Mercedes Viano/Vito) 7-8 800
Sedan car (Volkswagen Passat B8, Skoda Superb) 3 500
VIP (Mercedes E-Class) 3 1000

Transfer Kiev – Bukovel. Price

Car Passenger seats Cost in UAH, one way
Hyundai Tucson (2008) 3 9800
Skoda Superb (2014) 3 11000
Volkswagen Passat B8 (2017) 3 12000
Audi A6 (2011) 3 13000
Mercedes E-Class (2013) 3 24700
Mercedes-Benz GL-350 (2010) 3 24700
Mercedes Vito (2010) 8 16000
Volkswagen Caravelle (2013) 8 16500
Mercedes Vito Tourer (2016) 8 20000
Mercedes Vito 2015 (шкіряний салон) 8 22000
Volkswagen Crafter (2013) 11 14300
Mercedes Sprinter 315 VIP (2010) 10 22100
Mercedes Sprinter 316 (2012) 18 19500
Mercedes Sprinter XXL (2010) 21 23000

Services of English speaking guide – 170 USD per day


To travel around picturesque corners of Western Ukraine it’s not necessary to spend your time and energy for long car journeys. There’s a belief that the holiday begins at the moment of departure of the bus, airplane or car. To relax and feel the charm of the trip take advantage of a shuttle service in the Carpathians.

The Transfer to Bukovel company offers a wide choice of transfer to suit all tastes. Affordable prices will pleasantly surprise, and discounts for regular customers allow to book this option all the time.

The fare depends on the brand of car and the number of travelers. Before ordering a passenger services in Bukovel you must be as accurate as possible to plan a route.

It can be a journey into the Ukrainian Carpathians through the famous castles of Lviv region or travel to a surprisingly beautiful Carpathian waterfalls.

West Region is full of miracles, legends and beautiful panoramas. So before you arrange a transfer you will need to precisely align the route with the company manager of “Transfer to Bukovel”. In addition, one should not forget about the number of tourists. Because the number of travelers affects the most optimal option of the vehicle.

For large companies, we offer more big minivans where each of the tourists will feel as comfortable as possible. For small groups we have modern and fast cars.


  • Cash;
  • Online;
  • Cashless with VAT.


You can issue the order for a transfer to a desired vacation spot by contacting the company’s managers of “Transfer to Bukovel”.

We gukrantee high quklity of passenger services on modern cars and more than reasonable prices.

Crystal-clear air, clear water, an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation – what awaits you in Bukovel. Not only all the inhabitants of Ukraine dream to find themselves here, but also tourists from near and distant countries. But for the journey to be truly enjoyable, first you need to choose the right route that will ensure a comfortable trip.

For many years the company “Transfer to Bukovel” has been organizing passenger transportation to Bukovel with the highest degree of comfort. Our employees strive to provide tourists with the maximum comfort and speed of delivery to the desired place. For this, more than a dozen cars, minibuses and buses are credited in our fleet for transporting both small and large groups of people.

We will offer you the best prices and discounts, if you are our regular customer

In comfortable vehicles you will NOT feel the length of the trip

Our team employs only experienced drivers with many years of experience, which gukrantees safety

Highly Quklified Drivers annuklly take an advanced driving course in mountainous terrain