Small houses in Bukovel

cottages in Bukovel

Going on vacation, the main issue is always a housing rent. Everyone looks for accommodation for his or her needs. Somebody rests with children; somebody travels with pets, somebody travels alone. But everyone goes to Bukovel for one simple reason: to enjoy a holiday at the picturesque resort of native Ukraine.

It is not a problem to rent houses in Bukovel via the Internet, individukls or real estate agencies. Coming on a holiday to this resort, you can watch a variety of celebrations and competitions, depending on the time of the year. For example, the national culinary competition Bukovel Cooking Contest 2016 was held in Bukovel for the first time.

The organizers promise that it will become a tradition and will be held annuklly in June. The main task is the development of Ukraine as a whole. Such competitions motivate and will help the experienced and inexperienced cooks to develop further and to achieve a high level in providing the food services.

With regard to Bukovel, various food establishments have reached certain heights in gastronomy, but they do not rest on their laurels, monitor new gastronomic trends and realize a lot of innovations. Two dozen cooks-finalists of regional contests converged on the first national competition of chefs in the heart of the Carpathians. During the 3 days they completed for the title of the best chief cook, preparing a variety of dishes. Most attention was paid to Ukrainian food trying to make it the more expressive and recognizable brand.

Now a lot of people come to rest in Bukovel, because its infrastructure develops at a frantic pace and meets international standards. Accordingly, the resort requires that food corresponds to international standards, and the cuisine develops in different directions as for example Ukrainian, Italian, and Asian. Therefore, these competitions develop the competitive environment and stimulate the development of gastronomy in general in Ukraine. Chefs’ skills were judged by an international jury, where the potential employers evalukted a dish in relation of organization of the process, technologies used to create the dish, its taste and the time spent to prepare it. They boldly mix basic culinary classic with folk traditions and new techniques. The winners in the debut competition, except of the winners’ laurels and jury’s recognition, were presented with a week in Bukovel, as well as a weekend for two.

These and a lot of other interesting events are held within the year in the western part of Ukraine. To visit Bukovel and enjoy all the amenities of the resort, you can take the transfer service offered by our company “Transfer to Bukovel”.


In fact, the houses are very popular among tourists. It is convenient for both large companies and for families, and just for those who want privacy and romance. The houses in Bukovel can be rented for every taste, the distance from the resort affect the rental price.

In summer of 2016 crazy races are held in Bukovel. Ten years ago, Gorgany Race started as a small event. There was only one class of the competition, 14 teams and 40 participants. 244 teams, more than 500 people take part in the anniversary competition, and they compete in four classes. The adventure races are quite popular in the world, but in Ukraine this trend only begins to gain momentum. However, the more such entertainments will be held, the better. Why is it worth to try by yourself?

Firstly, it is very interesting. In such a short period, you can get a lot of unforgettable and positive emotions. We mostly live in the cities, go to work, and at best, go on nature on the weekend. It is important “to ventilate” a head from time to time. And all are interested in the adventures.

Secondly, the races ignite. Taking part in the competition among such a large number of people you can feel the seething energy. For people it is a competition not between the teams, but the competition, first of all, with themselves. You can test yourself on strength, endurance, confidence; you open some incredible reserves of energy. This is as to get into a fairy tale, because it turns out that our capabilities are much greater than those to which we are accustomed.

There is a great choice of the houses in Bukovel on real estate sites and on sites about the resort itself. There are the most common one-storied wooden houses, and there are two-storied houses with several bedrooms and bathrooms. In general, every traveler has an opportunity to choose a house. Our company “Transfer to Bukovel” will help you to get to your place of rest. We provide all passenger transfer services throughout the western part of Ukraine having a huge range of cars of different classes and levels of comfort.

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