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Yaremche is a tourist “mecca” of Prykarpattia. The city is located on the Prut River in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. First of all, the imagination of travelers is attracted by the waterfall Probiy, eight meters high. The city has been known since princely times, as evidenced by such toponyms as Malyvo mountain, Boyarsky stream (Dora), Mykulychyn village. In the 17th century. robbers – people’s insurgents, including Oleksa Dovbush and Vasyl Bayurak – actively traded here. The traditional occupation of the Hutsuls was cattle breeding: raising cattle, especially sheep. There was very little land for growing vegetables and crops. Yaremche Bukovel was first mentioned in 1787 in the Josephine metric – according to the land cadastre of Galicia – as a village. Dora, where seven families lived. Beginning in the twentieth century, Yaremche became a tourist center (in 1896 the tourist club “Yaremchansky” was founded). Already at the beginning of the 20th century, 15,000 vacationers came to Yaremche during the season, which brought in about 200,000 kroons a year. Today Yaremche Bukovel provides a wide range of tourist services for every taste: from the peaceful crackling of a fire in the fireplace to extreme rafting on mountain rivers. The most visited objects among tourists are waterfalls, canyons, passes, the famous Dovbush stone, museums of the Carpathian region, souvenir shops, hotels, mineral springs.

As we know, traditions and customs are respected in Western Ukraine. Residents of Yaremche Bukovel celebrate City Day in late July. This is a great celebration with interesting contests and quests.

The climate here is very humid. Winter is warm, but a lot of snow. Winter is rarely cold. The air temperature in Janukry averages minus three to four degrees, in the mountains at this time of year minus six to twelve degrees.

In Yaremche, as well as in Bukovel, a wide range of services is provided for vacationers:

  1. Bicycle tracks, rental of bicycles and bicycles.
  2. ATVs.
  3. Equestrian and hiking trails.
  4. Skiing, individukl instructor for beginners.
  5. Horseback riding, training.
  6. Equipment for any extreme descent from the mountains.
  7. Rafting.


Pricing policy for rest in Yaremche is quite democratic. Rental prices start from 250 hryvnia per night, depending on your chosen place of residence. The choice is very large starting from the usukl hostels, hotels and apartments. You can also rent a private estate, for which you will have to pay from 700 hryvnia per day. This is ideal for large companies or for people who are vacationing with children. Cottages and private estates with their territory provide an opportunity to relax.

You can have fun while relaxing in Yaremche in winter in restaurants, cafes, spas, attractions, saunas and swimming pools. If you are in Yaremche on business, it is possible to rent a conference room. For active travelers, local travel companies offer special hiking trails accompanied by an individukl instructor. The routes are laid out in such a way that for a relatively short trip vacationers have the opportunity to visit all the brightest and most beautiful places in Yaremche.

Holidays in Yaremche in the winter prices will leave a pleasant impression of a vacation or weekend. The European level of comfort and accessibility for everyone are the basic rules of work of local entrepreneurs. People living in the western part of Ukraine are distinguished by their hospitality and friendliness. Therefore, a trip to Yaremche is not only an amazing vacation, but also an acqukintance with interesting and exciting interlocutors.

Going on vacation in Yaremche in the winter prices, our company “Transfer to Bukovel” offers you to use our services for a comfortable arrival in this beautiful city. We also carry transportation from Yaremche to Bukovel, because they are very close within a radius of 30 kilometers.

We have been involved in transfers for many years. During this time, we have established ourselves as responsible and professional specialists in the field of transfer throughout Western Ukraine (Bukovel, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Ternopil). Providing transportation to thousands of vacationers a year, today we occupy a leading position in the field of customer service. We always try to fulfill all the wishes of customers regarding the transfer. We offer comfortable cars and buses. We provide cars and a personal driver for business trips. We have modern large buses for corporate meetings and events. Minibuses for families with children and tourist groups. Excursion cognitive program will help you experience the traditions of local life.

You can view more detailed information on our website or contact the administrator by phone, who will be happy to answer all your questions.

Your exciting journey will begin with us now!

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