Carpathians best restaurants

carpathians best restaurants

The Carpathians are known for their rich culture, magnificent nature and themed cozy restaurants. Here you can taste delicious national cuisine. The local restaurants surprise with original dishes that combine ecologically clean products and ancient traditions. Have you decided to eat in the Carpathians in one of the local restaurants? Book a transfer from Transfer-Bukovel. Our experienced drivers will take you anywhere you want.

Top 11 popular restaurants with the most delicious cuisine

Check our set of Carpathian restaurants with colorful interiors and a decent selection of Hutsul dishes. The places are located in the most beautiful places, surrounded by dense forests, majestic mountains and rapid waterfalls. After a gastronomic trip you can enjoy the silence, strolling to the birdsong and fresh air.

«Arkan» (Sheshory)

The restaurant is located near the Silver Falls, just above the river Pistynka. Open terraces literally float in the air, creating a special atmosphere. The three-storey building offers an incredible panorama. Tasting local potato pancakes, white mushrooms, trout, banosh, guests will be able to fully satisfy their taste buds. For dessert, we recommend ordering ice cream with berries collected in the Carpathian meadows. Want a strong drink? Order cherry liqueur or local horseradish moonshine.

«Vezha vedmeza» (Volosianka)

Did you know it’s possible to eat in the Carpathians, returning to the Middle Ages? Come to the “Dining Room”, located on the site of the castle hotel. Here in winter you can bask by the fireplace while they bring your food. In summer admire nature, inhaling the aromas of the forest. The restaurant offers Polish, European and Ukrainian cuisine. We recommend to try the special dish of the Vezha – veal square with porcini. Lovers of decent wine will be offered a wine list with excellent grape drinks from Australia, Chile, Spain and France.

«Gagarin and the bakorash» (Kvasy)

The restaurant got its name from a local legend. We are talking about Yuri Gagarin, a vacationer here and bakorash people. Bakorash floated logs along the river. There was no railway in the early 20th century. Chefs prepare space dishes in tubes. The highlight of the institution is the original serving of dishes. Here you can taste bograch and holubtsi (cabbage rolls) in tubes. They also offer Hungarian white mushroom soup, halase (soup) and other delicacies. Branded strong drink – beer Tsypa.

«Hutsulshchyna» (Yaremche)

Atmosphere is the first thing that catches your eye when entering an institution located in a 57-year-old building. It is built of wood without any nails according to the technology used to build Hutsul churches. The aesthetics of the interior is literally “imbued” with ancient Hutsul elements: bartka (national axes) and wood-burning stove decorated with Carpathian ornaments.

The souvenir market and the magnificent Probiy waterfall are nearby. Therefore, you can not only eat in the Carpathians, but also buy souvenirs and look at one of the wonders of nature. Carpathian dishes are served here: potato pancakes with white mushrooms, chicken in honey sauce, trout in sour cream sauce, venison and rabbit delicacies.

«Hrybova khata» (Polyanytsa)

Mushroom house with an unusual interior, thought out to the smallest detail. The architectural ideas of an architect from Spain – Gaudi were used in the design. Great place for appetite suppression and original photo shoots. Moonshine restaurant “Old Mill” offers locally produced wine, vodka and various liqueurs. Meals are prepared exclusively from products grown by local farmers. Bread is baked in a special Carpathian oven, where ham, sausages are baked, real borsch is prepared.

«Zolota pava» (Beregovo)

The restaurant is built in Art Nouveau style. After restoration, with the preservation of all elements, the building shone even more attractive. The chefs prepare European and Transcarpathian cuisine: torgonya (home cooked pasta), baked carp, dumplings and many more. After a dense “tasting”, go to the thermal pools located in the restaurant.

«Kvitka polonyny» (Solochyn)

Located on the territory of the sanatorium. Tourists come here for healing in mineral waters and walks along artificial reservoirs. A large beautiful park and dinosaur sculptures attract guests who want to make a great photo shoot. Dietary dishes are served. Lovers of nutritious delicacies can try soup, trout, mushroom and berry treats.

«Lucky Bull» (Polyanytsa)

You can eat delicious food in the Carpathians at the Bukovel ski resort. Lucky Bull offers Asian and European cuisine. Guests note a special fondue and carbonara. There’s a view of snow-capped Carpathian peaks from the window.

«Pidkova» (Perechyn)

This cult Transcarpathian restaurant offers frog legs. The French delicacy is prepared from local frogs bred in Turi Remety. On the menu you will find paprika – lard prepared according to a Hungarian recipe. You should try potatoes with mushroom sauce and dumplings, banosh with cheese and cracklings. Great food, spectacular views and fine service are the bywords of dining of Pidkova.

«Stara Vorokhta» (Vorokhta)

The restaurant is located in the center of the village. It consists of several halls decorated in the authentic Carpathian style. It offers Ukrainian cuisine with an emphasis on Hutsul recipes: banosh with brynza, bograch and many other delicious dishes. Popular with locals and tourists.

«Kufer» (Tatariv)

Travelers recommend this restaurant with Hutsul, European and Ukrainian cuisines. The menu includes blood sausage, Hutsul potatoes with garlic, beets (horseradish with grated beets) and banosh.

Hutsul home cooking

You can try dishes in the cottages where you stayed. Local mistresses pamper guests with large portions and good prices. The range includes cheesecakes with honey, cranberry or blueberry jam, various first courses, desserts and other delicacies. Delicious and affordable food in the Carpathians is not a problem, as there are many restaurants for every taste and budget. Book a transfer with Transfer Bukovel and go on a gastronomic trip.

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