Family holiday in Yaremche

The Carpathian Mountains are a unique place that can give a lot of positive bright emotions to children and adults. In the open spaces of gorgeous nature, tourists will be able to embark on an exciting journey through mountain slopes, wide valleys, clean rivers; open new horizons and look at the world in a new way. Family holiday in Yaremche is a great way to spend an unforgettable time with your kids, enjoying the local beauty and interesting excursions.

family holiday yaremche

Things to explore

Yaremche is known as the pearl of the Carpathians. A small resort town with a centuries-old history and various activities. Accompanied by an experienced guide, tourists will travel several centuries ago to get acquainted with prominent historical figures, natural and man-made monuments.

  1. Probiy waterfall

After long walks around the city it’s time to take a deep breath and relax. Wonderful singing of birds, crystal clear air and an amazing panorama against the backdrop of a stormy waterfall, will help to relax and get unforgettable pleasure.

Located on the Prut River, which divides the city into two banks. The height is 8 meters. The waterfall was able to harmoniously combine beautiful landscapes, light coolness, rapids, slopes, the loud sound of water crashing against rocks and stormy currents. There are several pedestrian bridges above Probiy that have their own history. Allow you to admire the water cascade and stormy streams from a height. The second path to the waterfall is through the forest.

  1. Souvenir market

Holidays with children in Yaremche can be supplemented with a souvenir market. It is the most famous and largest in the Carpathians. Vendors offer healthy teas based on local mountain herbs, national cheeses and brynza made according to real Hutsul recipes, homemade wines, aromatic infusions infused with blackberries, raspberries and other berries collected on the mountain slopes, as well as Carpathian honey.

Here you can buy embroidered shirts with rare ornaments, treats and colorful trinkets, ceramic tableware, nuts, wood and wool products. The range of presented products will satisfy the requests of any tourist.

  1. Dovbush Trail

It is located among the ancient rocks of unusual shape, creating the atmosphere of a fairy tale. Mount Makovytsia rises nearby. The landmark is named after the legendary personality – Oleksa Dovbush’s opryshko. He is known as the Ukrainian Robin Hood, who took money from the rich and gave it to the poor.

Today, the national hero is revered by locals, so the 4 km long tourist route, which runs along the rocks and picturesque forest, is called “Dovbush Trail”. The route is simple and exciting thanks to the guide’s story about the hero’s courage. The tour is suitable for adults and children.

  1. Climbing Makovytsia mount

Climbing Makovytsia is easy and simple ascent. The length of the route is 8 km. In 4 hours a tourist of any age will climb to the top, which offers a spectacular panorama of the Carpathians.

  1. Zoo

This wonderful attraction will provide an unforgettable vacation with children in Yaremche. You will see deer, roe deer, wild boars, eagles. Buy food and feed the animals, looking at wooden bridges, gazebos, houses built against the backdrop of beautiful landscapes. 

  1. Park-museum “Carpathians in miniature”

In this museum you can see reduced copies (25 times) of outstanding eighteen architectural monuments and Carpathian buildings: Lake Nesamovite, Montenegrin ridge, Mount Hoverla, churches, natural wonders. Located on the banks of the river Wife, near the zoo.

  1. Slon Mountain

This mountain is actually the foot of Makovytsia and looks like an elephant. At the bottom flows the Prut River with residential complexes on the banks. The place is literally created for solitude, picnics and great photo shoots.

  1. National nature park

Rare species of fauna and flora are preserved here, which are protected by local foresters. Holidays with children in Yaremche by the fire with tents and hikes in the mountains – an unforgettable pastime and fond memories. The park is planted with mixed, deciduous, coniferous forests on hills and plains. The wilderness has become home to wild animals: wild boars, deer, elk and bears.

These are just the most popular places in Yaremche. Walking around the city, you will feel a special Hutsul atmosphere and the whole day will pass as a continuous colorful tour.

Transfer-Bukovel takes care about your transportation in the Carpathians

We have been transporting passengers to the Carpathians for over 10 years. We guarantee a safe and comfortable trip. Book a transfer tour from Bukovel to Yaremche by phone listed on the website. Our managers will help you.

Do you want to spend an amazing holiday with children in the snowy mountains or immerse yourself in the rich world of flora and fauna in the warm season? Head to Yaremche, where only positive emotions and unforgettable impressions are waiting for you!

We cooperate with travel agencies and local hotels, so we offer affordable prices for holidays with children in Yaremche – a resort created in a picturesque area. Experienced drivers with many years of experience, ideally oriented to the terrain, will take you anywhere in the city and the Carpathians.

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