Carpathian waterfalls

Carpathian waterfalls

Carpathian nature is the best artist. She created incredible panoramas of mountains, meadows, dense forests and stormy waterfalls. Do you want to see the beautiful Carpathian waterfalls with your own eyes? Contact the Transfer-Bukovel company and book a transfer to the picturesque wonders of nature.

The most beautiful Carpathian waterfalls

The local region is famous for its bright corners, where the heart freezes. Here I want to fully immerse myself in the world of harmony. Unique places rich in beautiful waterfalls, included in the list of natural monuments of Ukraine.


Located in the central part of the Carpathians in the city of Yaremche. It deservedly occupies a leading position among the most beautiful natural wonders in the country. Located in a place accessible to tourists – almost “in the heart” of the city on the Prut River. Down the water rushes from a height of eight meters, creating a stunning crash. You can see the waterfall from the pedestrian bridge.

Waterfall Maiden`s Tears

This is not a famous waterfall in Yaremche, but a waterfall hidden near the village of Isakov. It is located between dense forest shrubs and the Dniester River. Small streams on the surface of the boulders roll down, shimmering in the sun all the colors of the rainbow. In winter, water streams turn into transparent icicles.

Sheshorsky Huk

The cascade of waterfalls is proudly located in the village of Sheshory on the river Pistinka. At the foot of the Little and Big Hook formed a lake with water of a pleasant blue hue, shining silver in the sun. So came the second name – Silver. The height of the Little Hook is 2 meters, and the Big – 5 meters. The distance between them is 250 meters. Nearby is a source of mineral water.

Dzembronia waterfalls

Cascading Carpathian waterfalls, consisting of 12 loud, powerful icy water streams. Located at an altitude of 1400-1700 m above sea level on the slopes of Mount Smotrych. The height of all cascades is 100 m, the highest is 10 m.

Zhenetskyi Huk

Differs in the presence of an asphalt road leading to the wonders of nature. It looks unique, especially after rains and snow, which generate not one stream, but several “threads” that fall loudly from a height of 15 meters. With the onset of winter, the waterfall partially freezes, continuing to release water under the filigree ice that covered the rocks.

Mizun waterfalls

Great place for lovers of recreation in the mountains. It starts from the mountain springs of the Gorgany massif on the Mizunka river. The waterfall in the Carpathians acquires an unsurpassed appearance after autumn rains and melting snow. Three cascades are completely different: miniature, large, vertical, sloping, wide, narrow. Height – 3 meters.

Prut waterfalls (Hoverlanski, Verkhnoprutski)

These waterfalls are the pearl of the Carpathians, but are not popular with tourists due to difficult accessibility. But it is worth overcoming the difficult path to see the wonder of nature, which takes your breath away. Majestic waterfalls are located on the Prut River in the massif of Montenegro. Six picturesque cascades descend from a height of 80 meters. The largest cascade reaches 12 meters in height.

Kosiv Huk waterfall

Surrounded by picturesque cliffs, this waterfall is located in Kosovo. Nearby is a river with clear water – Rybnytsia. You can admire the waterfall from the observation deck. Climbing higher, you can see five more two-meter waterfalls, which after a downpour become flooded.

Maiden`s Tears (Yaremche)

One-cascade Carpathian waterfall, created by the unruly river Wife among the beech forest near the aviary in Yaremche. Bright place with unique fauna and flora. The moss that covers the stones and rocks, as well as the special atmosphere of the forest adds a special touch. The melodic murmur of the natural fountain and the relaxing silence literally transfer you to a world of relaxation and tranquility. Icy mountain water falls from a height of 2 m into a stone bowl 1.5 m deep.

Maryanchyn waterfalls

This is a group of mountain reservoirs in the Gorgan massif. It is located among the dense forests of the Manyavsky Hermitage. Water flows quietly from the stream Mare on flysch rock ledges into the river Manyavka. Cascades create natural steps with a total height of 16 meters: the highest – 12.5 m, middle – 4 m, lowest – 1.5 m.


Cascade waterfall in the Carpathians, 8 meters high, is located near Manyavsky waterfall in the Gorgan massif. You can only get here on foot. A natural monument was formed on the Zamlaki River. Water flows down small stairs.


He hid from tourists in the woods, so without the help of locals or clear instructions to find the waterfall will not work. It is located near the village of Stara Guta, far from civilization on the stream of the same name, which flows into the river Bystritsa Solotvynska. The water creates several four-meter cascades that flow into a cozy and quiet lake.


Bright and secluded place located near the village of Green. This is part of the clean mountain river Chernyk. The dirt road leads to a two-stage waterfall eight meters high. The stream descends first from a height of three meters to a wedge-shaped small gutter, and then from a height of five meters to the lower tier.

Carpathian waterfalls are completely different: unique, elegant, thin, wide, roaring high-water giants, small calm bodies of water. With silver threads they fall from the steep cliffs, creating coolness and magical “singing”. Embark on these wonders of nature with Transfer-Bukovel. Write, call the managers to order a comfortable transfer to the Carpathians. We offer good prices, a safe trip with experienced drivers. Choose the right direction and go for positive emotions!

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