How to get from Ivano-Frankivsk to Bukovel

how to get to carpathians

Ivano-Frankivsk is a very interesting city, full of riddles and impressive historical sites. Ivano-Frankivsk region has also many sights and beautiful buildings. That is impossible to imagine how many emotions can be experienced when visiting the Count Rei Palace.

Some inexperienced tourists do not have information about how to get from Ivano-Frankivsk to Bukovel, but later we will tell you more about that, and now a bit of history of the Western Region.

Few people know about a palace of XVIII-XIX centuries located near the village Pryozerne in Ivano-Frankivsk region. It impresses tourists with its external views. The first known owner of the village was Subchancellor of Galicia Jozef Yablonovskyi, whom the history of the palace is related to. It was built in the second half of the XVIII century and was in the classical style. After Yablonovskyi’s death his great-granddaughter Wilhelmina (of Glogov’s Dynasty), the wife of Count Stanislaw Rei (1833-1873) inherited his estate. The Palace in Pryozerne is often associated with the aristocratic family of the Reis. By the way, the Reis’ family is one of the branches of the famous magnate clan of Pototskyi. In the 70-ies of XIX century a new manor was built by order of Countess Wilhelmina Rei (1849-1907). Interestingly, the old palace was not dismantled when the new manor was being built. In 1880, the old palace in the classical style was dismantled. In 1882, construction of a new “Count’s nest” in the eclectic style was completed. Around him, the park 30 hectares in area was laid out. There were also picturesque ponds, where magnates swam on the boats.

After the Countess’s death the village became an estate and passed to her sons. One of them Ludwik Rei (1896-1978) became an owner of the estate. The aristocratic manor attracted the elite from all over the region. In the time of the Soviet Union, the Count’s masterpiece of architecture was used as a collective pigsty. Then, a psychiatric hospital was established here. Until 2004, there was a convent. Later, the manor became the property of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev Patriarchate. Today the palace stays and pleases tourists, but only from the outside. There is a terrible picture inside. Besides the palace, an interesting object is an entrance gate, built in 1822, when the entrance was a through passage. However, in 1970, it was immured by local Soviet functionaries. It is also possible to follow the access road to the house of the Reis. The park trees, in particular, the century-old linden tree are extant. In general, it should be said, something mystical is in this palace. Especially it is scary at night. Hollywood horror film directors could find a good place for their filming. And it is not a last interesting place in this region.

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The village Osmoloda is an ancient settlement in the Carpathian Mountains on the Limnytsia River of Ivano-Frankivsk region. The name of the place comes from the mountain Moloda. The settlement was founded in 1873. The population is about fifty people. From Osmoloda a bunch of hiking excursions on the Gorgans mountain range to the mountains Vysoka, Ihrovets, Moloda are opened. For connoisseurs of antiquity – the summer residence of the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, grottoes for relaxing, park trails, mineral springs are still extant. Mills which were the property of the Greek Catholic archdiocese previously worked in Osmoloda. Also a unique sight of the industrial revolution of the XIX century – the Blast furnace is extant near the village. It was built by Metropolitan Antonii Angelovych. Nearby there were a dozen of mines where ore was mined and a smithy. In the comfortable town of Osmoloda you can not only rest actively, but also move away from the bustle of the civilized world, enjoy the quiet, the air, the rustle of the Carpathian forests, taste homemade honey, bread, trout.

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Now you know how to get to the Carpathians, with us it is easy, fun and exciting.

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