How to get to Bukovel from Lviv

get to Bukovel from Lviv

Lviv is not just a city; it is the tourist capital of Ukraine with a long history. And if you came here for the first time, you will forget that you are in Ukraine. Perhaps it is even necessary to live in this city for some time to see all the sights and historical places. The highest point of the city is on the mountain called “High Castle”; its height is 413 meters. It received its name from the castle, formerly located there. The building on the mountain began in the thirteenth century, and after the restructuring of the castle the mountain was called for a long time “Castle Mountain”. Unfortunately, the castle was destroyed in the seventeenth century by the Swedish army, only a small wall is extant. But despite the fact that there is no any castle on the mountain, Lviv’s residents and visitors like this place, and now it serves as the perfect viewing platform to admire the surroundings and the beautiful views. The question immediately arises by travelers – how to get to Bukovel from Lviv. People vacationing away from home do not wish to spend their holiday driving. Therefore, they carefully choose a company engaged in transfer services. When studying information on the Internet, a customer wants to find not an expensive variant for traveling, but wants to get a quklity service.

Company “Transfer to Bukovel”, which motto is “Availability and quklity for everyone”, provides a wide range of high-quklity transfer services at affordable prices. Our customer relations specialists and drivers will give you all the information about transfer Lviv – Bukovel.

The company “Transfer to Bukovel” taking leading position among competitors has a large fleet of the new foreign cars and the positive customers’ feedback. The professional team is really able to prove to the customers that travel can be fun and inexpensive. You do not need to know how to get to Bukovel from Lviv, the consultation of a representative of the company “Transfer to Bukovel” will be just enough you to get to your destination quickly and quklitatively.


Another resort to compulsory visit is Drahobrat. This place is extraordinarily beautiful, the tours to Hoverla and Petros are held. From the top of these mountains you can see as the alpine meadows melt into the Carpathian forests. The tourists are attracted by the Drahobrat waterfall with height of seven meters. A walk to the waterfall takes about four hours. Also there is Hereshaske Lake, a favorite place of tourists. Besides the Drahobrat waterfall the Trufanets waterfall, the largest waterfall in the western region of Ukraine, is located here.

Transfer Drahobrat – Lviv is not only a good rest, but also an opportunity to visit these two wonderful places, either of which has its own history and traditions. Both in winter and in summer, the tourists can admire the beauty of the landscapes; they can go skiing in winter or horse riding in summer. You can also visit entertainment centers; table tennis, billiard, bowling are always available for guests.

By traveling with “Transfer to Bukovel”, you get a unique opportunity to enjoy a pleasant way, and get to know a lot of information about the cities from the personal driver, who will be glad to hold an excursion for you during your travel. The quklitative foreign cars and vans will get you to the right place with comfort and the personal driver will take care of your safety.

“Transfer to Bukovel” is the best team of professionals providing the transfer services in the western region of Ukraine.

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