Recommended reading before a trip to Bukovel

The second question (after booking the accommodation) that tourists coming to Bukovel must decide is a transfer order. On the Internet (mainly bulletin boards) you can find many offers from owners of all types of transport. Prices vary from “by agreement”, “I will give a discount as a brother”, “you know how much” to 150 USD (route Ivano-Frankivsk – Bukovel), at a standard price of 50 USD.

So, let’s look what is behind the cheap transfer offers to Bukovel and what the transfer price consists of.

Drivers who offer transfer to Bukovel are divided into three types:


Driver (a resident of Ivano-Frankivsk or its environs) has little idea of how many tourists and baggage fit in his car and says “I have the cheapest transfer to Bukovel, the best price! I get to Bukovel in an hour”.
Motivation: A driver of this type is not engaged in this work full time, it is episodic for him and he really needs money. He also knows that the distance from Ivano-Frankivsk and Bukovel is 100 km.
Result: As the car raises into the mountains, overloaded with passengers and their equipment, it burns more fuel than the driver expected. His mood worsens as he approaches Bukovel, he nervously smokes directly in the car, because he understands that all his earnings will be spent on gasoline. In addition, fortunately you drove to Bukovel on bald tires, because for cheap “taxi drivers” good winter tires is something rare.
Decision for the driver: Once you get to Bukovel, the driver says: “My friend, it would be nice to pay some more money”. You get the money from your pocket without thinking where did you save the money and give it to your new friend.
Risk: The car may not even reach Bukovel on bald tires, skidding, loss of control.


Driver (most likely a resident of Ivano-Frankivsk) knows the road well because in a day he makes at least three trips Ivano-Frankivsk – Bukovel – Ivano-Frankivsk, which makes him have red sleepy eyes. Often it is the “racers” who offer their services at the railway station, while simultaneously collecting passengers at Blablacar. In this case, the transfer to Bukovel is not the cheapest, but the price is affordable.
Motivation : Simply make money in the season. Preferably non-stop.
Result : You will have time to enjoy the road to Bukovel from the car window at high speed. No extra stops. The driver smokes in the cabin, plays his music and talks on the phone all the time. You can not approach the hotel in Bukovel. You will be dropped off on the road near the hotel and you will be forced to drag your luggage in the snow.
Decision for the driver : Get rid of you as soon as possible and get new passengers.
Risk : A tired driver can fall asleep while driving, skidding, loss of control at high speed.

TYPE 3 – “PRO”

Driver knows the road and the location of all the hotels in Bukovel. Fixed prices. Cars are prepared for mountain roads and regularly serviced. The car is clean.
Motivation : The driver has been engaged in transfers for several years. This is his main job. He is not looking for quick money. The main goal is to get a satisfied and regular customer.
Result : No additional surcharges. Punctuklity. Security.
Decision for the driver : Each customer should return home satisfied with the service. Calm riding style. Stops in beautiful places. He doesn’t smoke in the car.
Risk : minimum, related to the weather conditions.

When calculating the cost of transfer to Bukovel, consider the cost of fuel (1 liter = 1.25 USD), as well as the elevation (approximately 1000 m). The temperature difference (Bukovel to Ivano-Frankivsk) is sometimes up to 10 degrees and for the last half hour you will need to drive along a snowy mountain road. Think about it, is it worth it, spending money on flights and accommodation in a good hotel, strive to save 10-15 dollars on your safety?

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