Kievers are people who like to spend their time usefully, therefore, on the threshold of any holiday they look for a place where they can rest. In the winter season many of them consider ski resorts abroad, forgetting that they can rest in their own country.

For example, you can spend a wonderful time in Bukovel or nearby resorts. And making use of our transfer service from Bukovel to Kiev, you will be taken to the capital comfortably. We can also take you from Kiev to Bukovel.

It should be noted that transfer is a service that allows you to get to a certain place with comfort. Our company “Transfer to Bukovel” offers its clients a wide range of cars, which are designed for a different number of people. The cars in our park can accommodate both several people, including luggage, and large companies. All the cars are equipped with air conditioning and only experienced drivers who know the roads and terrain work in our company. If you need to be met at the airport or train station our drivers are also ready to meet you and help with your luggage.

Our company has the main goal – transfer to the western part of the country, as well as transfer from Bukovel to Kiev. This is not surprising, as the Carpathian Mountains and Transcarpathia are very popular resorts, and it should be noted that not only by Ukrainians. For example, Bukovel is visited by people from abroad, as its slopes are considered the best of the world standard, and Drahobrat has the highest points, which attract fans of extreme sports.

Generally speaking, the western part of Ukraine is in demand not only in winter but also in summer. People who like to spend their holidays profitably can go up to Hoverla, the highest mountain in our country. You can also ride horses or swim in mountain rivers.

In Transcarpathia there are a large number of summer camps and health centers, where children can rest within the whole summer. These resorts are other ones we are used to see, they are places surrounded by beautiful nature.

The Carpathian Mountains are famous for a large amount of coniferous vegetation, and it is known to be good for health. Indeed, in the dusty cities we cannot get so much oxygen as is in these places. Also for the overall promotion of your health you can take mud baths. Local muds have healthful effect on the entire body. You can take a bath with mineral water “Naftusia” and “Borjomi”, also drink them.

Each resort has quklified specialists who will be able to choose eutrophy for you and will appoint a number of useful procedures. Basically, these places are visited by people who have problems with an alimentary tract, kidneys, and other diseases of this kind, but coming to breathe fresh air, you can simply improve your health.

In these places it is possible to have both active and passive recreation, but the main goal of every tourist in winter is skiing. As for passive recreation, you can visit saunas, baths, warm up near a chimney-corner with some fragrant mulled wine in kolybas and just enjoy the beauty of the Carpathians.

It happens that tourists come to these places on their own overrating their strength and then do not know how to get back. As you can conveniently go from the capital to other cities, our company provides you with a transfer service from Kiev to Bukovel.

And to get your wants and needs met you can take a walk through the capital before your car departure, and enjoy the incredibly beautiful city that has a long history and has a lot of interesting places.


Ask our managers for current prices.

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