Cameras in Bukovel

The development and constant innovations in the field of electronic allow to view direct online broadcasting from anywhere in the world. This is very useful when choosing a place for recreation or vacation. You can view a city or a resort in the real time through the Internet.

Cameras in Bukovel

Cameras in Bukovel work round the clock, that helps not only to determine a place of rest, but also scares petty thieves, which, unfortunately, are in any city. Therefore rest in Bukovel is today safer and more comfortable, that undoubtedly pleases the tourists.

Location of the cameras in Bukovel:

  1. Lifts 1,2,12,14,15,
  2. Living residences at number one and two,
  3. Small Lake,
  4. Mountain Bukovel,
  5. Sport grounds,
  6. Dovbush Mountain,
  7. The center of the resort,
  8. Restaurants and cafes,
  9. The entertainment center “Buka”,
  10. The route 5B.

Management and sponsors of the Bukovel resort took care of the visitors’ safety by setting the cameras, but without prejudice of the holidaymakers’ private space. Such advent helps to fight with the accidents of different nature and the guests can relax and enjoy a great holiday. There are many things to be enjoyed, you can admire the nature of this resort for evermore, the air is breathtaking and environmentally clean, especially the residents of the cities with a large number of people and transport can notice that.


In Bukovel there is a great place to be seen. This is a monastery called Maniavskyi skyt. The monastery of the Eastern rite was built by monks from Kiev in 1240. It got its name because it is situkted on the river Maniavka. Previously, there was a source of healing water curing people. The water flowed from under the Blessed stone. Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims came to the monastery; also the Princes of Kyiv Rus visited the monastery in order to receive blessing for good governance. In the early seventeenth century, the monastery became stavropegia and included in its submission five hundred other nearby located monasteries. Today the monastery also works as before, the ritukls are performed and the monks live here. The building is preserved by using materials of that time namely stones and wood. Also the Blessed stone is functional; you can drink water and feel the healing power of the source. Near the monastery complex in addition to beautiful nature, there are several beautiful waterfalls, which are recommended for compulsory attendance.

The webcams in Bukovel are, of course, good, you can see the sights of the western region at any distance, but it is better to see it with own eyes.

You can get go to the resort by means of a very well-known transfer company “Transfer to Bukovel”, the company is engaged in transfer to Bukovel from all Ukraine, and is popular among lovers of comfortable travel. Everything seen through the webcams in Bukovel you can behold by yourself. Incredible beauty and charming nature. The resort is situkted at an altitude of 900 meters above the sea level. The mild climate is without winds through mountain ranges surrounding the resort. In winter, there is no large and strong frost, as there is no heat in summer. Such a climate is good for people suffering from high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. At the resort you can not only rest and spend an unforgettable vacation, but also improve your health.

“Transfer to Bukovel” will help you make an exciting journey and enjoy all the charms of the western region of Ukrainian. Entrust your vacation the best specialists providing the transfer services.

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