VIP transfer to Bukovel

VIP transfer to Bukovel

Different companies provide transfer services. Transfer around Ukraine become more popular among tourists. Almost each the second takes private services rather than state ones. Firstly, it is most convenient if large groups of people travel together, and naturally there is a lot of luggage. Secondly, you choose the departure time by yourself in any time of day or night. VIP transfer to Bukovel gives an opportunity to carry as much luggage as you need, also equipment and other things required, for example, when traveling from a resort to another. Our transfer company “Transfer to Bukovel” will provide you with a luxury car with a personal driver for VIP transferring to or from the airport.

Bukovel is a ski resort where you can spend your vacation because of variety of active rest. Where can you be engaged in?

Rest for active people:

  1. Rafting, an exciting descent along the mountain rivers and artificial lakes on the inflatable boats. Two, four or six persons can be accommodated.
  2. Jeep, bicycle and car-bike races.
  3. Variety of extreme attractions.
  4. Journeys on foot up to the mountains with spending the night.
  5. Ascents up to the highest points of the Carpathian Mountains.

Rest for fans of nature and solitude:

  1. Fishing on the locals lakes gives an opportunity to enjoy silence and nature’s beauty.
  2. Horse riding for loving pairs, also improvement of nervous system by means of the horse riding treatment.

Relaxation procedures:

  1. Swimming pools and massages
  2. Beauty salons where minerals and vitamins of the local origin are used. Therapy bathes.

VIP transfer in Bukovel gives you also an opportunity to take part in the public festivities and local celebrations. In the western part of Ukraine all the festivals are given particular emphasis esteeming customs of   the ancient ancestors

An interesting ceremony has place during Ivana Kupala celebration. Everyone interested set out into the forest in search of a happiness flower called spleenwort. It is considered that flowers and plants have magical and health properties particularly at this night. A legend says, everyone who picks this flower will be rich and happy.


We offer you to set out from the capital of Ukraine to the rest capital of the western part of our country taking our comfortable cars; travel time will take about eight hours, naturally it is worth to remember the way is long. Our company “Transfer to Bukovel” will provide you a quklitative service in travel business.

For transportation of our clients we use the cars and minibuses only of the foreign brands namely Volkswagen, Mercedes, Renault.

Transfer from Kyiv to Bukovel is realized privately in any time of day convenient for you. Some people prefer traveling at night, for example in summer because of the heat. You can pay for the transfer services both ways in cash or through bank transfer what, undoubtedly, is convenient nowadays when each person has a bank card.

We provide our corporative client with the complete package of documents if the report is required:

  • conclude a contract
  • work both in cash and bank transfer
  • license for passengers’ inland und international bus transportations
  • issue an invoice for payment of transfer services
  • a single tax player’s certificate
  • a certificate of conducting business as a sole proprietor
  • a work completion certificate
  • an extract from KVED (Industry Classification System)
  • an extract from EDRPOU

The Carpathian region is interesting not only because of its nature. For example, you can travel comfortably through the Carpathians by tramway. A narrow-gauge line leads along the Carpathian foreland from the village Vyhoda to the town Senychiv. The tramway was founded in 2004 using as a base the railway built in the late 19th century on demand of Baron von Popper. He transported on this way timber products from its plants. The tram gage is 760 mm wide. The tram is moved with the locomotive, where you can look at the engineer’s job. Some cars are now not available for tourists; a comfortable car, a car-cabriolet and an open platform are closed now. The tram goes through four bridges.


Tours are a perfect opportunity to visit various tourist corners, get to know history and culture of nations. A long way will turn with our help into an exciting travel. You do not need to change different kinds of transport.

The bus tours from Kyiv to Bukovel are carried out in the quklitative buses, on the way you will be given a base excursion for acqukinting with the folk traditions of Bukovel.

“Transfer to Bukovel” is a passenger service at the highest level. Affordable prices make a trip even more attractive.

The bus tours to Bukovel from Kyiv go depending on the number of the orders. For a large group of people we will provide a comfortable bus for up to fifty people.

“Transfer to Bukovel” – we will relieve your “gray” everyday with the greatest of pleasure.

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