Villas in Bukovel

villa bukovel

When a long-awaited vacation is planned, the desire of its spending is simply unforgettable, infinitely. If you plan every detail, choice of a residence place on the holiday takes some efforts. When browsing sites, you do not know what variant to choose.

Villas in Bukovel are very popular among holidaymakers. Firstly, it is very convenient for large companies and for married couples. Secondly, there is a possibility of high-quklity staying at an affordable price.

Reservations do not require any commissions and advance mortgage, bookings can be simply filled on the site of the chosen place.

The villas in Bukovel offer different rooms, as well as in other hotels namely single, double, a suite. The starting price, which depends on the accommodation quklity level, is from 300 hryvnias per a day for a person. If you need to rent a whole villa, the average cost will be from two thousand hryvnias a day. Right choice is very important before you decide what kind of a villa in Bukovel you want to visit.

The western region of Ukraine is very mysterious and beautiful; it attracts with its culture more and more visitors from all over the world.

The traditions of the local population and the interesting ceremonies taking place on every holiday have their own special aspects, causing even more desire personally to see these activities. For example, hundreds of young girls and boys go to Bukovel to take part in the traditional celebration of the night before the religious holiday of Ivan Kupala celebrated in July in summer. Various competitions and quests are held for holidaymakers during the whole season. In general, you will not quite get bored.


Active rest in summer is what tourists really want to receive. After repetitive work in offices it is just necessary to stretch your bones, or to lie on the beach. Walking excursion and gatherings at the campfire under the open night sky are that you need.

The villa Milly and John Bukovel is located in a picturesque corner of the Carpathians and is especially popular among the tourists. The villa is in Palianytsia village of Yaremche district. It has a wide experience in the field of hotel and tourism services and a large choice of entertainments for people with different preferences.

  1. Jeeping is a fantastic opportunity to drive in a jeep throughout the Bukovel’s surroundings, to drive on the special routes and to feel the freedom of speed.
  2. Fishing. A cozy place at the lake, fish coup cooked in a pot is a great way to “ventilate” your head.
  3. Walking tours to Hoverla. You will have an opportunity to get a bird’s-eye view of the picturesque meadows and fields.
  4. Excursions. You will get acqukintance with the local customs and traditions.
  5. Rafting is a good opportunity to get a dose of adrenaline during the descent down the mountain rivers. There is nothing more exciting.
  6. Horse riding. Romantic riding.
  7. Swimming in a pool.
  8. Bicycle leasing.

The villa Milly and John Bukovel will provide you not dull and active rest with amazing memories and emotions.

You can use the services of our company “Transfer to Bukovel” in order to get to this tourist “paradise”, we offer a transfer service throughout Ukraine, and the western region, in particular. We offer large and small buses and vans for different number of people, also comfort and responsibility during a trip. We offer a wide choice of cars of different classes. Absolutely every car passes the technical inspection on a regular basis that provides a safe way for our passengers. Holidays with children is a very serious thing, particularly if a child does not tolerate transferring, we will find for such a case an optimally comfortable car that will take you and your child to any place in Ukraine. Also, a holiday for people with disabilities cannot be canceled. If someone among your friends travels in a wheelchair, the cars or minibuses with high comfort level will suite them.

The villas in Bukovel are an ideal variant for a good holiday. The definition of this word is a country house, and it is known a vacation outside the city can leave only positive impressions. Earlier, villas were mostly built in the Roman or Italian styles. Marble, frescoes and columns are used for decorating. In real time a villa means a detached house in Mediterranean style with its own piece of ground and landscaping area.

The villas in Bukovel have various and very interesting interior design. Each of them is distinguished by a unique style with the different elements of the ancient traditions.

Our team “Transfer to Bukovel” consisting of experienced professionals will take you to the villa Milly and John in Bukovel. We provide a comfortable transfer service for each customer, listening for the personal wishes.

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