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Way to Bukovel

Travels throughout Ukraine are fascinating and informative even for the people of this country. Each region has its traditions and culture. Apparel and language, which is spoken, also differs. Trying to learn the depth of the history of Ukraine, the Ukrainian people use transfers services. Through the companies providing such services we can leave for not a very long time, for example for a holiday, to visit many different cities and attractions.

In the Carpathians there is a wonderful waterfall, which has a cascade; it is located in the tract Bukhtivets. His height is about eight meters and width – two meters. The waterfall appeared on the stream Bukhtivets – a left tributary of Bystrytsia Nadvirnianska. Since 1972, this water object has become a hydrological monument of local importance. Another wonder of nature – Krapelkovyi waterfall- is near this waterfall, about fifty meters away.

Transfers throughout Ukraine are a wonderful opportunity to visit Ivano-Frankivsk region in which the manor of St.Mykolai is located. It is situkted not far from Kosiv. This is a kind of fortress of the children’s patron, which is popularly considered one of the best Saints of the Orthodox pantheon and respected in Ukraine. His day is celebrated annuklly on 19th December; it is the beginning of the cycle of the winter holidays, which continues to the New Year, Christmas and Epiphany. A tradition of this holiday to give gifts to children on this day goes back to several centuries. 2003, St. Mykolai received by the decree of the President a house in Ukraine in the National Natural Park “Hutsulshchyna” in Kosiv district. The complex includes the house of St. Mykolai, as well as the Museum of Ethnography, the children’s railway, the small zoo with animals. In the manor of St. Mykolai, built in the Carpathian traditional wooden style, you can visit the exhibition of Christmas tree decorations, take part in master classes, and, of course, meet St. Mykolai. On 19th December he goes out from the estate on his sleigh and gives the gifts to the compliant children. The whole year his post works and the children can write a letter with their wishes or complaints. They leave here their drawings and other works, and take a good mood. The estate is open not only in the winter season, but all year round. It is necessary to order an excursion in advance because of the large influx of tourists.


Going from any point of Ukraine you can observe beautiful views of the various historical buildings and monuments on your way to Bukovel, it of course depends on the way chosen by your driver.

On the way to Bukovel you can see the waterfall Zhenetskyi Huk, the incredibly beautiful waterfall formed by the primeval Carpathian nature. It is located close to the village Mykulychyn and the village Tatariv of Nadvirna district, Ivano-Frankivsk region, and more precisely, in the mountains Horhans, on the stream Zhnets – a left tributary of the Prut. This waterfall was formed after the Second World War, as a result of flooding. Since that time the water of this natural wonder falls from a height of 15 meters. Due to its high noise the locals called the waterfall “Zhenetskyi Huk”. Zhenetskyi waterfall is a well-known attraction frequently visited by tourists. The various tourist routes lead hereto. The waterfall can be seen from the observation tower. Also a variety of souvenirs are sold near the waterfall, and there are many places where you can taste dishes of Ukrainian national cuisine. The way to Bukovel is an interesting beginning of an exciting journey.

Our company “Transfer to Bukovel” is a team of highly skilled experts in the field of transfer; we will give you an opportunity to visit the most interesting places of Ukraine in quklitative and comfortable transport.

We have modern cars for 3-5 passengers, as well as comfortable minibuses of foreign manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Mercedes, and Renault. We offer:

  1. High-quklity service, comfort and reliability of the transfer.
  2. Transportation to any point in the western region and whole Ukraine.
  3. Ordering a transfer from/to the railway station, the airport.
  4. Experienced drivers regularly improve their skills.
  5. Executing individukl and corporate orders.
  6. An individukl driver service for the duration of the holiday.
  7. Availability of selection and ordering a car online, as well as advance payments.
  8. Affordable and loyal cost of services, availability of convenient discount systems.
  9. VIP transfer to Bukovel.
  10. A basic excursion program.

With the company “Transfer to Bukovel” you are in good hands. We will help you to feel the full hospitality of the local people and get to know the customs, culture and traditions of the inhabitants of this wonderful scenic western Ukrainian region.

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