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Couples and families with children walk here all day long. The main part of the interesting places is located in the city center: the castle near the fountain, and then up the stairs sculpture “Pair of Swans”. A monument to King Daniel on horseback has been erected in the park. Also, not far from it stands the majestic Temple of the Immaculate Conception. Two floors of the Dominican monastery cells were built nearby. Between the church and the cells is an Italian courtyard (now closed to visitors). During the Second World War, the church was damaged, however, was restored in 1953. Its premises were used as halls and archives of the art gallery of the Ternopil Museum of Local Lore. In general, even in such a small town in western Ukraine you can have an exciting and unforgettable time.

Transfer Ternopil – Bukovel is developing rapidly due to city residents and tourists traveling from one city to another. The opportunity to travel gives people a unique opportunity to learn the secrets, histories of the peoples living in Ukraine. Due to various events in Ukraine, the population is now multicultural.

The Ternopil-Bukovel shuttle takes about five hours to travel. Tickets cost an average of 80 hryvnia per person. Today, transfer services from private entrepreneurs are very popular. Because, the driver will always help with luggage and advise on other issues related to the trip.

Going on a transfer Ternopil – Bukovel with our company “Transfer to Bukovel” you are gukranteed to get an exciting adventure.

Why do we occupy leading positions in the field of transfer?

  1. Quklity and responsibility of service.
  2. Transfer services Ternopil – Bukovel, and throughout Ukraine.
  3. Accessibility for everyone.
  4. Comfortable conditions during the trip for all categories of people.
  5. Transport of foreign production.
  6. Transfer of large groups of passengers.
  7. Special attitude to people who do not have the opportunity to move independently.


Dragobat is the highest ski resort in Ukraine. The height of the highest point is 1400 meters. Natural snow cover, the possibility of skiing not only on special trails, but also on the virgin land. From the height of the lifts you can see the breathtaking beauty of the highest peaks of the Carpathians. An ideal place for active recreation, especially for the younger generation.

Transfer Ivano-Frankivsk – Dragobat are very interesting cities, which is worth seeing the Stanislavsky Sea – this is the name that has taken root in the city for the city of Ivano-Frankivsk Lake, built in 1955. In Soviet times, the place of the “sea” was the hunting grounds of the Potocki princes. In 1930, ponds were dug here, which were connected by the river Bystritsa Solotvynska. When the locks on the ponds were opened, the whole sea overflowed, on which Ivano-Frankivsk residents are resting. They bathe and fish in the lake. There is a romantic place among it – “Island of Love”, which is offered to get by boat.

Potocki Castle is also a popular place among tourists. Three-storey, surrounded by defensive ramparts and bastions, office buildings and a park. Now only the park fence and the gate are well preserved. Plans and schemes of the castle have not survived. At one time the palace was visited by King Jan III Sobieski of the Commonwealth and Prince Ferenc II Rakoczi of Transylvania. Today the palace has been rebuilt. Until 2004, there was a military hospital. Now it is planned to create a museum complex. The palace has the status of a monument of architecture and urban planning of local significance. In 2010, the dungeons of the Potocki Palace were restored as part of the Porto Franko festival. Now it is an art space, art galleries. In 2013, the restoration of the entrance gate was completed.

Transfer Ivano – Frankivsk will allow you to visit two wonderful cities in the western part of Ukraine.

Our team offers the best conditions on the road for its passengers.

“Transfer to Bukovel” – an attentive attitude to the wishes of customers, the key to long-term cooperation. Travel and learn the stories and secrets of the peoples of Ukraine with us.

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