Transfer Ternopil Bukovel


Despite the fact that people living in the western part of Ukraine can enjoy the magical nature of this region all year round, they still are attracted with the picturesque resort of Bukovel. Ternopil region is very rich in places that are worth visiting by tourists, but these attractions are not very interesting for the local population. Therefore, more and more residents of Ternopil region and the city wonder how to get to Bukovel comfortably and quickly. A variety of companies providing transfer services increased multi-fold. Enterprisers opening the business with such activity try initially to establish a customer base and increase the number of potential customers. Therefore, the companies cooperate with foreign transport companies to improve the quklity of passenger transportation.

The company “Transfer to Bukovel” being popular in the western region provides a service of the transfer from Ternopil to Bukovel, this company is growing rapidly in the customer service market and has managed for its entire existence to become a leader in providing the  transfer services. “Transfer to Bukovel” is in great demand among tourists, and provides its services throughout Ukraine, that is undoubtedly an advantage over other companies in this sphere.

You can easily order a transfer from Ternopil to Bukovel, it is enough to determine the number of passengers and our manager will offer you several variants of the cars for a comfortable trip. Also a transfer service is convenient for people with disabilities, since the company’s “Transfer to Bukovel” specialists can provide the minibuses or the buses if a person travels in a wheelchair. An inability to move independently is not a reason to stay home. Therefore, with the help of the transfer Ternopil – Bukovel you can leave one wonderful city being rich in the resorts for other not less beautiful resort in order to rest and improve your health. People who want to improve their health simply need to visit Bukovel.

  1. The resort has several recreation areas and sanatoriums.
  2. Treatment and rehabilitation with the help of horse riding is possible.
  3. There are also salt baths and massage salons.
  4. You can drink the best mineral water.
  5. Excellent climate is well tolerated by people with blood pressure problems.

And it is not the whole list of how you can improve your health resting at the most popular resort of Ukraine.


If you are just passing through Ternopil you has a great chance to visit some of the sights of this beautiful city.

Dzhurynskyi waterfall is in Ternopil region in the village Nyrkiv. Relying on the stories of the local population, this waterfall was artificially created by the Turkish-Tartar hordes, which destroyed everything on their way after the victory of Polish and Cossack troops in 1620. So the waterfall with three cascades was formed; a height of the largest one is sixteen meters. The beauty of the waterfall mesmerizes and does not leave absolutely anyone indifferent. We recommend visiting this place.

The Ternopil’s railway station takes hundreds of tourists every year. If you come here for the first time and do not know the city, the company “Transfer to Bukovel” will provide you with a car for the trip to Bukovel and a driver will personally meet you at the station and help with luggage.

Caring about our customers our company “Transfer to Bukovel” offers only the high-quklity services for passengers. After arriving at the railway station of Ternopil you only have to phone the driver and in a minute you will go in a comfortable car to the beautiful resort of our country.

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