Transfer Odessa – Bukovel

Transfer Odessa – Bukovel is a trip from a wonderful resort to another. Odessa and Bukovel are the most visited resorts in Ukraine. Odessa surroundings are known for the recreation resorts.

Kuyalnyk is a recreation resort located 12 km from Odessa on the banks of the estukry. The resort attained the international fame in treatment due to salt water and mud of the Kuyalnyk estukry, as well as mineral water “Kuyalnyk”. The salt water of the estukry, separated with sand spit from the Black Sea, contains hydrogen sulfide, iron, and bromine in its structure. Silt and mud of the estukry are also rich in minerals, organic acids, which are used for the mud treatment and the manufacture of medicines. The sanatorium was founded with the City Council’s decree on 30th April 1890 (before the Soviet regime it was called Andriiwskii).

Today the resort offers the following spa services:

  1. Mud treatment.
  2. Balneological treatment (salt baths).
  3. Aligning the spine and the joints under water.

Diseases of different nature are to be treated in the Kuyalnyk resort:

  • Diseases of the joints;
  • Skin diseases of different origin;
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Diseases of the back, arthritis, scoliosis;
  • The nervous system diseases prevention;
  • Prevention and treatment in the field of gynecology.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Heart diseases prevention.

Some kilometers from the resort there is a beach where you can have a good time.

Another interesting fact about Odessa is that this city is called the strawberry capital of Ukraine.

The village Lisky in Kiliya district of Odessa region appeared in the early seventies of the last century, after the irrigation supply system had been constructed. Now the population of the village is about two thousand people. The main occupation and earnings of the Lisky’s residents is growing strawberries. During the season about three hundred tons of berries grow, and the profit of the village for a year is three million hryvnias. In the center of Lisky there is even a corresponding sculpture – a frog holds a berry in paws. Below there is the inscription: “We got the crops in strawberries – the neighbors’ greed got the better of them” The climate on the banks of the Danube is sunny and wet, and therefore strawberry crops abundantly. The farmers aim to work without using herbicides in order the berries to be ecologically-clean. The irrigation of the strawberry plantations is progressive too – it is droplet to save water and to have a harvest. At the harvest time even the residents of the neighboring villages are hired. But there are some problems too; they have to buy seeds, equipment, sprinklers from abroad that are not cheap. So, the village Lisky manages to survive in the conditions of the Ukrainian crisis realities and even to thrive.

Transfer Odessa – Bukovel costs on the websites of various companies on average 1800 hryvnia for three days. When choosing a carrier, it is worth to pay attention to such a travel because the travel time is about eight hours, and it’s a lot. Therefore, you should check the availability of seats and try to book tickets in advance.

Travel from Odessa to Bukovel only with the best specialists in the field of transfer in Ukraine! The company “Transfer to Bukovel” transfers the passengers not the first dozen years, developing rapidly and improving the provision of services in this sphere.

On our website you can view additional information about the various trips, and in particular the transfer Odessa – Bukovel, and choose the best time and day for the trip.


In the western part of Ukraine rural tourism is very popular; its idea came to us from Europe about half a century ago. The fact that the people of Western Ukraine are hospitable is well known. Rural tourism is a vacation in a private household in rural areas.

Transfer through the Carpathians will allow you to save on travel and lodging, since rural tourism is based on living in tents. It is the best variant to feel all the beauty of nature, to rest from the everyday city life. This holiday is perfect for small companies and families. The vacationers pick mushrooms and berries, sit around the campfire, swim in lakes and that makes such informal vacation unforgettable. There are also hiking in the forests and mountains, skiing, sledding and snowboarding. During the summer there are horse riding, bicycle and qukd bike riding.

Our company “Transfer to Bukovel” developing in the field of transfer throughout Ukraine will help you in transferring from Odessa to Bukovel; our team began its work with the transportation of passengers in the western region of Ukraine. Here you can order such a service, as a basic excursion, which will help you to learn a lot of new and useful information about the city or resort where you are going. We provide a wide range of services in the field of transfer all round the country.

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