Tours to Bukovel from Kyiv

Tours to Bukovel

When resting in Bukovel you should visit the attractions of this region. There is something worth to see, regardless of the time of the year. For example, an astonishing historical Hutsul museum-restaurant is located close to Bukovel, rather in Yaremche. Any nail has been used in construction of the museum. After the tour you will have the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable dinner. Waiters serve up only the dishes of the traditional Hutsul cuisine, the table is served according to the Hutsuls’ rules, and only crockery were are used. The tours to Bukovel from Kyiv enable to enjoy the natural beauty. Near the resort there are several waterfalls which are very interesting for tourists.

The waterfall Zhenetskyi Huk got its name because of the noise of falling water. The waterfall can be heard from a distance of several hundred meters. The height of the waterfall is fifteen meters. All year round tourists come here from all over the world to enjoy the unparalleled beauty and force of the water.

Another waterfall worth seeing is the waterfall Probii. It is half smaller than Huk; its height is eight meters. But the mesmerizing beauty and surroundings will help you to relax and enjoy the sounds and the pleasant noise of the waterfall. Not far from this place there is a souvenir market, where you can purchase incredible and unique products of the Carpathian region. Also in the neighborhood of the waterfall there are places where you can walk, have delicious meal and breathe clean air.

The tours to Bukovel from Kyiv even for some days will help you to relax and improve your health. You can go for a vacation using transfer services. The company “Transfer to Bukovel” has approved itself as a responsible transfer company. Every day, employees of “Transfer to Bukovel” transported hundreds of clients from different cities of Ukraine. The tour to Bukovel from Kyiv is carried out both at the personal request of a car, and in a big bus at full capacity. If you decide to travel with a group of ten people, you can book a minibus. A group of up to 60 people can be placed in a large comfortable bus. If you need transport for the whole stay in Bukovel, this is also not a problem; a service of a personal car with a driver is available around the clock.


Applying to the company “Transfer to Bukovel” you are gukranteed to get the best service and a remarkable journey. If desired, the driver will make an excursion on the way to Bukovel.

Bukovel is very beautiful and fairly during the Christmas holidays, the local population celebrates their traditions and customs. You can participate in traditional ritukls, fortunetelling and festivities.

A tour to Bukovel from Kyiv even on a weekend is remembered for a long time if this time is spent actively and with different entertainments. Very often competitions, quests and quizzes are hold in the resort. Not so long ago, there was a race for Santa Clauses, they competed in sprint and amused kids. The tour to Bukovel from Kyiv is a right decision of each person. It is necessary to travel, learn the national traditions and not to forget own ancestors. People of different nations live in Ukraine, but we are all united and should not forget how strong the Ukrainian nation is. Each region of Ukraine is famous for its rich history, historic sites, and if it is possible you should try to visit these wonderful attractions.

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