Low season in Bukovel

Low season in Bukovel

The Bukovel resort receives its visitors all year round. Naturally, there are different seasons related to attendance. It also depends on public holidays, vocations, and on various promotional offers for tourists.

The holiday seasons in Bukovel are divided into two types:

A high season is a skiing period, which lasts from the 7th of Janukry up to the 9th of March.

A low season in Bukovel starts with the opening of the ski season and continues to the 1st of Janukry and then from the 10th of March until the end of the season.

The difference between these two seasons is that getting tickets for the low ski season you can save twice as much. For example, if the value of the high season ticket for five days is about 2,000 hryvnias (the price depends on the company providing the service), the same ticket for five days during the low season will cost you from 1,200 hryvnias. Of course, you have a question, why the difference is? The low season in Bukovel is considered a summer one, despite the fact that it lasts a half of winter. Rest in Bukovel is associated by people with winter, snow-capped mountains, sleds, skis. But there are different climatic changes, after which it is simply impossible to use winter transport means for entertainment. Thus, the entrepreneurs make discounts for the low season tickets in Bukovel. The summer climatic conditions in this part of western Ukraine is well-suited for people; the maximum temperature is sixteen degrees, there is no any unbearable heat, only the fresh air. And despite the fact that there is no possibility to go skiing you will have a great time here.

The low season in Bukovel attracts a lot of fans of the mountains’ research. Climbers and just inexperienced holidaymakers climb to the tops of the mountains in order to enjoy fully the incredible beauty of Bukovel. This kind of rest is for active and curious people. Bicycle rental stores with their excursions program, a cantata road, a variety of restaurants, beauty salons and other entertainment venues attract visitors all year round.

People who live in the western region have very responsible attitude to their traditions. We all know that there are the most exciting celebrations of different holidays in this part of Western Ukraine, the locals revere nature. Especially a fortune-telling tradition attracts; they do that not only on major holidays, but also on the other, which are not well known. For example, summer ritukls. The folk tales about punishment awaiting those who dare to work on that day are related with the Christian holiday of the Constantin day (falls on the 3rd of June): “Constantin will beat harvests with hail.” The certain ritukls reflecting the ancient animistic worldview take place on the 6th of May – the Yurii day – the day of putting cattle to pasture. On this day the people dig out “a lily”, adorn a gate with it in order “a cow to give a lot of milk”. The ancient cult of the plants can also be seen in the worship of the willow.

Interestingly, the people here still believe not only in the therapeutic properties on Palm Sunday, but in the magic ones – the ability to divert hail, clouds, if the willow branches are put on the ground when the adverse events come on. And that all coexists with the fact that according to the Christian legend, the nails of the Cross on which Jesus was crucified were made of the willow, and the long time it was believed that evil spirits dwell in its branches. But in fact, the adoration of the willow is very ancient, pre-Christian, and, is connected with the tradition of honoring the willow tree as a symbol of a Life tree.

Such interesting events can be observed by visiting Bukovel.


In December 2013, the local authorities organized a wonderful festival, which lasted for 365 days – a whole year. The beginning of the season started with the all-Ukrainian festival of Santa Clauses. This Pre-New Year meeting of Santa Clauses gathered about 200 Santa Clauses from all over Ukraine, who have once again persukded the guests of the resort that anyone is happy who believes in a fairy tale, is able to enjoy all the gifts of nature and communicate with people, tries every time to test own forces doing sports.

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