Carpathians for the weekend

Go to the Carpathians for the weekend – nature, clean air, incredible landscapes, rushing rivers, picturesque mountains… Order a transfer from Transfer-Bukovel company, pack your suitcase and go on an adventure!

young couple hiking in the carpathians weekend

Where to go?

Are you going to the Carpathians for the weekend? Here are the most popular places you must visit. Spend a weekend in a magical mountain fairy tale, with exciting adventures and unique culture.

  1. Yaremche
    A beautiful small town in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. From the first minutes, it fascinates with its landscapes, which are beautiful even in gloomy rainy weather. The center of Hutsul traditions passed down from generation to generation. Yaremche is famous for its souvenir market and Probiy waterfall.
  2. Rivers and waterfalls
    Miracles of nature that fill you with health, peace and lightness. Take a picnic while enjoying the blissful rushing waters or meditate while being filled with energy and harmony. Regardless of where exactly you go in the Carpathians for the weekend, you will definitely find picturesque water bodies, which are plentiful here. We advise you to visit the Chornyi Cheremosh and Prut rivers, Manyavskyi, Shipit, Zhenetskyi Huk and Probiy waterfalls. It is they that allow you to fully feel the unity with the original nature and be filled with powerful water energy.
  3. Bukovel
    A unique resort, radically different from the villages and cities of Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. A free and sophisticated European atmosphere prevails here, which is to the liking of tourists who know how to enjoy life. After climbing the lift, you will see picturesque panoramas, enjoy a picnic on the shore of a huge lake, and stay in comfortable chalets. And this is far from all that Bukovel can offer its guests in the summer.
  4. Rafting
    Extreme, full of violent emotions, driving and unforgettable rafting on mountain rivers of varying difficulty. Go to the Carpathians for the weekend and order rafting in Dzembronya. Conquer the rapids of the river and replenish yourself with energy and positivity.
  5. ATVs and jeep tours
    Another way to raise the level of adrenaline in the blood. This is not a leisurely hike on the mountain slopes, but a real extreme entertainment that will delight everyone. The most powerful, modern, fully equipped jeeps and ATVs roar over any tracks and obstacles on the way. The route is selected taking into account the driving experience and age category of the driver and passengers, so you can go on a trip even with children.
  6. Hoverla
    Already got the maximum emotions from the beauty of waterfalls, jeeping and rafting? We assure you, this is not the limit! Gather your last strength to climb Hoverla – the highest point of Ukraine (2061 m). The view opens from the top, which captivates with its grandeur, freedom, and impregnability. Rest in the Carpathians for the weekend must be supplemented by climbing Hoverla, choose the desired route: gentle or long and difficult. 
  7. Walks in the mountains and forest
    Easy hikes through the expanses of fabulous nature will allow you to get plenty of inspiration from the clean mountain air, collect local berries and mushrooms, take gorgeous photos as a keepsake, and be filled with strength and vigor. Choose your Carpathian peak and conquer it! We guarantee that you will be provided with maximum emotions.
  8. Museums
    They are located in the most popular tourist spots. Carpathian museums allow you to get acquainted with the traditions of the native inhabitants. In the museum of Hutsul magic, there are exhibits that tell about the secrets of the Molfar, who live high in the mountains. You can learn about blacksmithing in the “Gomora” museum, and in the “Pysanka” museum there is a huge number of eggs painted by Hutsul masters. In the Carpathians, there are historical, memorial, local history, ethnographic expositions that are worth seeing with your own eyes. Practically every town in Prykarpattia has its own museum, so don’t forget to visit it.
  9. Sacred places
    Almost every settlement has a church built many years ago. Their amazing architecture fascinates the eye. It is in the Ivano-Frankivsk region that there is the largest number of wooden churches, each of which is unique.
  10. Restaurants
    After exciting long walks, you need to refresh yourself in a colorful Carpathian restaurant, capable of surprising you with the most delicious national cuisine and Hutsul interior. Guests of Yaremche are advised to visit the most popular museum-restaurant “Hutsulshchyna”. Master chefs will prepare hearty local dishes. Hospitality and national flavor reign here. You can try culinary masterpieces from local housewives in local typical restaurants “kolyba”.

The Transfer-Bukovel company will help you organize an amazing, harmonious, rich, exciting trip to the Carpathians for the weekend. We are engaged in passenger and individual transportation to the Carpathians. We cooperate with local hotels, travel and excursion agencies, so we offer the best vacation options and favorable prices. We will deliver you to any corner of the Carpathians quickly, safely and comfortably. Contact the managers for advice or to order a transfer with experienced drivers.

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