By extending its services, each company tries to expand its ability to work with customers and partners taking into account comments and suggestions.

Our transfer company “Transfer to Bukovel” is one of the few, which closely monitors needs and requirements of its new and regular customers. Being engaged in transportation of passengers for a long time, we noticed that the demand for corporate travel increased almost twice. It is connected with the European practices. Abroad firms arrange for their employees off-site trainings and weekends in order to give people an opportunity to communicate more and to rest in an informal setting. Thus, operability is increased in several times. For example, in Japan during the lunch break employees are allowed to sleep for thirty minutes to work more effectively during the second half of the day.

Transfer to Bukovel for corporate clients is an offer for employers who undoubtedly care for their employees. A company can arrange a fascinating journey for the whole stuff. Usuklly after training and dinner all employees are invited to rest and see the sights of the resort and neighboring settlements.

The western part of Ukraine is curiously beautiful and rich in historical buildings. During the various wars exactly this part of our country was under attacks of other peoples and armies. The land in this region is very rich in minerals and nutrients. The climate is ideal for growing different kinds of crops that are very fastidious in this regard.

Using our new service transfer to Bukovel for corporate clients you will plunge into beautiful and delicate nature of the western region. The locals are always very friendly to visitors and with great pleasure will tell you about the customs and traditions of the region. The most important and widely celebrated holiday is New Year; at this time here at the resort Bukovel even adults begin childly to believe in the Christmas tale. Usuklly at this time the race of Santa Clauses amusing and entertaining the travelers can be seen.

There is a wide range of transport activities for extreme tourism fans. Sixty ski tracks with different levels of complexity are built in Bukovel. Each track has special lifts for descending; if desired, everyone can use services of a personal trainer and learn to ski within a few hours. In short, a business trip can still turn into a fascinating holiday.

Transfer to Bukovel for corporate clients is:

  • Comfortable spacious buses.
  • Meeting of passengers at railway stations and airports.
  • Choosing the best places for temporary residence.
  • A personal specially trained driver.
  • A flexible system of discounts and calculation.

Our team of “Transfer to Bukovel” is always ready to help you to realize a perfect trip to any destination in Ukraine using the best modern transport. In the private fleet of our company there are only foreign cars of the highest German, American and Japanese quklity. By agreement, our drivers can spend a personal tour around the city or region, telling stories about creation of those or other buildings. Only with us you will feel all the natural beauty and independence of our beautiful Ukraine.

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