Extreme tours in the Carpathians

bukovel rafting tours

Extreme tours in the Carpathians are created for people tired of the routine. Enjoy the freshness of Carpathian rivers and waterfalls, a fabulous trip to the mountain meadow, Hutsul delicacies and an unforgettable melody of the drum… Conquer the legendary Hoverla! Transfer-Bukovel company is ready to take you to the world of bright positive emotions, energy and drive.

Jeep tours in the Carpathians

Want to get unforgettable emotions and feel the spirit of adventure? Then exciting tours on powerful 4×4 accompanied by an experienced guide is the best way to tickle your nerves.

Book extreme Carpathian tour in comfortable jeeps that are not afraid of deep swamps and steep slopes. You will be able to see beautiful landscapes that enchant with grandeur and beauty. You will get acquainted with the locals who live high in the mountains, their ancient customs, taste the national Hutsul dishes cooked on fire.

There are different tours in terms of routes and duration. The trip lasts about 3-4 hours. The tour will allow every cell of the body to feel the grandeur of wildlife, the vastness of mountain panoramas, the power of the Carpathian ridges, the lightness of the clouds hovering underfoot. You need to go on a journey prepared to get the most positive memories that will be remembered for a lifetime.

What to bring:

  • simple comfortable clothes and shoes;
  • cap or bandana;
  • water.

Experienced adrenaline types who know the area well can go on a trip on their own. Beginners should use the services of a professional driver- guide who know interesting and safe routes.

ATV tours

Bukovel ATV tours

Extreme excursions in the Carpathians on ATVs is an unforgettable pleasure against the backdrop of clean air, beautiful mountains, incredible scenery and fascinating forest routes. This is an opportunity to feel like a conqueror of impassable Carpathian roads, get a lot of unforgettable positive impressions, drive and energy.

Quadro-routes are laid along the untouched picturesque nature, stormy waterfalls, quiet lakes and endless valleys. Get completely new sensations that are not in everyday life, overcoming off-road and mountain ranges. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere, stopping in the colorful Carpathian places. Before the trip, the instructor will give a brief info on ATV driving and safety.

What should I bring?

  • comfortable clothes and shoes (beware of wind and possible rain on the road);
  • water.

Choose a long exciting or short walking route. A trip on wild trails, mountain slopes, dense forests, open glades will give you the opportunity to feel complete freedom, crazy speed to the roar of a powerful engine.

Rafting on mountain rivers

Try extreme rafting on stormy Carpathian rivers with many different obstacles on rafts. Exciting pastime, which is radically different from other types of water activities. Experienced tourists and beginners can order rafting on single kayaks or rafts (four or six-seater).

Rafting on wild or calm rivers will be an exciting game with unforgettable sensations and crazy emotions. Professional instructors will teach and instruct, organize everything, taking into account your skills.

There are six levels of alloy complexity: the first is affordable and easy for beginners, the sixth is designed for professionals. You will be given the necessary equipment at the base. The trip will be accompanied by video and photos, so the water trip will be remembered for a long time.

Zip Line in the Carpathians

Looking for vivid impressions that raise the level of adrenaline in the blood? Then you will definitely like the zipline! Extreme excursion in the Carpathians at the height of a bird’s eye view, which offers amazing nature and the most beautiful landscapes. You will be able to descend on the ropes over the abyss, feeling the blood boil in your veins with each flight.

This is a unique opportunity to experience something new. Choose the area for the descent that you like and conquer it. At the start, a professional instructor will talk about safety rules, check the reliability and correct fixation of the cable.

Before conquering the crystal air spaces of the Carpathians, wear cotton clothes that can “breathe” and not hamper movements. Choose comfortable shoes with low soles. We guarantee that once you try ZipLine, you will want more.

Horse riding

The local mountain areas are known for their beautiful landscapes and crystal clear air. This combination creates a feeling of weightlessness. Extreme tours in the Carpathians on horseback will allow you to see the surrounding beauty, making the heart beat faster. Horseback riding has a beneficial effect on mental and physical health, helps to straighten the spine.

These noble animals have a developed sixth sense and a viewing angle of 360 degrees. Therefore, they can be trusted in the wild. Horseback riding distracts from the routine, gives the opportunity to admire the local nature, breathe fresh mountain air, test your own endurance and agility.

Horseback riding goes along hills and rivers, forests, waterfalls and lakes. It’s a great way to merge with the atmosphere of the majestic Carpathians, enjoying the special beauty of the mountains and to learn about the Hutsul region. Horseback riding is available for adults and kids. Believe me, such a holiday with a storm of vivid impressions, positive emotions will be remembered forever.

Bicycle tours

A popular and useful type of active recreation that opens up beautiful landscapes and hardens the body. Mountain biking requires physical training, as routes are more difficult than on city roads. When planning a tour, we recommend walking and cycling more often to prepare the body for the loads.

Things to take with you:

  • helmet and gloves (available at the base);
  • comfortable clothes that breathe and keeps you mobile;
  • water.

The Transfer-Bukovel company will help you to go on adventures. Book a transfer from Yaremche, Bukovel or other point of the Carpathians at the best price. We cooperate with travel agencies, so you’re gonna have a great holiday. There will be no problems with accommodation: many hotels offer excellent service, comfortable rooms and tasty food. Choose extreme excursions in the Carpathians. Call now. Our operators will provide professional advice and help with the application.

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