Transfer from Ternopil to Dragobrat

Transfer to Dragobrat

Many people by this time began to consider where to go to rest during the winter holidays. After all, it just seems that it is a long way to the winter. For those planning their vacation in advance, we recommend to visit the Ukrainian resort Dragobrat. And so you could comfortably get there we recommend using our transfer service from Ternopil to Dragobrat.

We have to explain why transfer is so important when making a trip. Answering this question, we must say that it is not easy to get to this resort as only two mountain roads lead to it, and they are not in the best condition. Almost all tourists use off-road transport, but if you do not have such a car, our company “Transfer to Bukovel” will carry you comfortably and securely, thanks to our transfer service from Ternopil to Dragobrat.

For you to consider the rest in this place, below we provide all the information about the resort and tell its history.

To begin with, Dragobrat is located near Yasinja, Rakhiv district, Transcarpathian region. It is the highest ski resort in Ukraine. The resort has nine slopes of different complexity and ten lifts that raise high in the mountains, their story will be describe below.

A legend about this place is told among the locals, which tells about an unhappy love and origin of the mountain’s name. Once near the mountain Petros a very beautiful girl lived, who had friends, twin brothers. The brothers loved the girl, and she liked both, but could not choose someone of them.

After much heard-searching, she offered the brothers a competition that would determine whom she chose. The first one, who would bring an edelweiss flower, became her husband.

The task did not scare the guys and they set out in search of the flower. After a long search, they met a shepherd who offered them a dried edelweiss flower, but the brothers refused for fear of offending the girl, and asked where to find the real flower.

The shepherd pointed to a mountain, but warned that girls living there offer to stay with them forever, and those who oppose to them are thrown from the mountain. The story did not stop the brothers, and they began to climb to the top.

When one of the brothers saw a lone silky flower and got to it, the mountain girls appeared and told everything that the shepherd said. The brother refused the beauties’ offer and at this moment the mountain parted under him and he flew down caching his brother, so they are both killed.

But having not waited for the brothers at home, the girl set out in search of them, and then the shepherd told her what had happened to the twins. She failed to stand such a grief, climbed up a mountain, and also jumped down.

Today these mountains are called Twins and Gendarmes, in honor of the gendarmes, who arrived at the place of death.

As for the resort, winter is rather mild in this region; the air temperature fluctuktes from minus three to minus five degrees. This weather is very good for skiing, because there are very good slopes in Drahobrat. Since snow can lie until May in the mountains, you can ride for a long time.

During the warm season, here you can also spend time with benefits, because nature is very rich here and there are lots of animals.

Summing up, we want to add that Ukraine has a lot of attractive sites, where you can have a good time. And if you want to go to Dragobrat, our service transfer from Ternopil to Dragobrat will only help to create an unforgettable experience.

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