Excursions in Bukovel

Excursions in Bukovel

When resting in the best and popular resort of Ukraine, it is worth to visit the sights and interesting places of this region.

The Presentation of the Virgin Mary church attracts tourists’ attention; it was built before the revolution. Its building was started at the expense and with the permission of Prince Johann II of Liechtenstein. The church was consecrated by Bishop Hryhorii Homyshyn. The church immediately became popular with pilgrims from around the world. During the First World War a cemetery of Austrian soldiers killed in battles was formed near the church. After the revolution the church was deserted, but did not stop working. In the nineties the building was restored by local residents.

In Bukovel excursions are popular among tourists. A guide tells the historical data about different interesting places. It is also possible to walk around and visit various sights that have been survived to the present day. Some buildings are destroyed very much but when you visit them, you will still feel the power and mystery of the place. Interesting stories can be heard from the residents of this region. In Bukovel the excursions are given continuously, and each time you will want to return here again and again.

As the local population honours and respects the traditions and customs of their ancestors, in the holidays you can see mystical rites. For example, on the summer holiday of Ivan Kupala girls tell fortunes on their intendeds, jump over the fire and go to search the flower of “happiness”.

The transfer company “Transfer to Bukovel” also among its wide range of services offers excursions for customers travelling to Bukovel. A driver will tell you about places of interest. The company “Transfer to Bukovel” leads in the rating of companies providing the transfer services for customers due to responsible attitude and quklitative performance of its work. Reasonable prices absolutely for every traveler please new and regular customers of this company.


Tour groups of up to ten people do not need to rent two or more cars. It is much more convenient and fun to move all together.

For this purpose the companies providing the transfer services extend their fleets and offer customers a rent of a minibus with a personal driver. But choosing a company for transfer you can be somewhat disappointed in the pricing policy. The price for minivans can sometimes “bite”. And in order not to overpay and to get a high-quklity service you should address only to professionals skilled in providing a transfer.

Exactly “Transfer to Bukovel” is suitable in all parameters as a company where you can get an affordable and quklity service, and it has earned the trust of the general tourist public.

“Transfer to Bukovel” offers a minibus at the price for a trip on average from 800 hryvnia. Considering the fact that these minibuses are designed for companies of up to ten people a trip will cost a hundred hryvnia per one. Presume that the ticket price is much higher; it will be more profitable to book a transfer service and travel with comfort around the country. There is no need to save money and jog in the second-class train carriage worrying about the safety of your luggage. Naturally, the price of renting a car depends on the chosen route and the car. But as compared with other means of transport it is the most convenient and acceptable option for traveling families with children and friends who want to relax and spend time in a good company. Addressing to “Transfer to Bukovel” you will get great pleasure of long hours spent on the way.

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