Bukovel Lviv bus

Lviv Bukovel bus
One our bus from Bukovel to Lviv

It is more difficult to astonish tourists after they have visited the most popular ski resort Bukovel. Ukraine is rich in historical places, each city or town has its own culture, history which will catch fancy of real travelers.

Our comfortable bus Bukovel – Lviv will get you to the most exquisite and romantic city of Ukraine.

If you will stay in the city in transit, we recommend visiting wonderful places of this city

Castel or Reigning Mountain has 413 meters under sea level. Once upon a time the fortress of the Lviv’s Prince Danylo Halytskyi was situkted here. The Lower Castle – citadel was located below. Both fortresses were built from wood and surrounded with earth mounds. In 1362 a polish king built the stone castle. Lviv Castle is rectangular shaped with four towers. There are living qukrters, caserns, warehouses and a well inside. In the early nineteenth century, the castle ruins were finally dismantled; a park was planted and a viewing platform was equipped on this place. Today we can see a fragment of the old castle wall with loopholes. A long wooden staircase leads to the park “High Castle”. A television station and a relay station are set on the top.

Armenian Qukrter. The Armenian Cathedral takes not the last place among the historic monuments in Armenian qukrter of Lviv, a bell tower, an Archbishop’s house of eighteenth-century, a convent, a bank, a Benedictine Monastery, a column with the figure of St. Christopher, an altar with the composition of Calvary are placed near the cathedral. This complex of buildings forms a colorful Armenian patio. The Armenian Church was built in 1363-1370. After a fire in 1712 the church was renovated and had Baroque elements. Every Sunday divine services are held in three languages ​​- Armenian, Russian and Ukrainian. Traditional stone crosses are situkted near the altar. There are sculptural groups of the fifteenth century having a great value in this cathedral. Today the Armenian Cathedral is an architectural monument of national importance in Lviv; the Cathedral is under the protection of UNESCO and is registered in the World Heritage. It is the only temple of the Armenian Apostolic Church in the western part of Ukraine.

You have also to visit the Temple of Saints Olga and Elizabeth. The height of the temple is eighty meters; it is the highest temple in the city. This structure was built in the early twentieth century, in the neo-Gothic style. The Emperor of Austria-Hungary called the temple in honor of his wife Elizabeth. In building the elements of French and German Gothic architecture – spires, tall windows, rosette at the entrance are used. The cathedral’s portal is decorated with sculptures. During the Second World War the church was damaged, and then closed. In 1991, after rededication the church got a new name, which it has today. In Lviv there are a lot of historical sights, also many interesting places are located around the city. You can visit them during your staying in Lviv.

The bus Bukovel – Lviv is available for you at any time. Our aim is to relieve your holiday through the unforgettable journeys. By using services of our company “Transfer to Bukovel” you can take a car with a personal driver for all the rest duration.

The excursion buses Bukovel – Lviv go every day. Visiting the historical sites of our country we will penetrate deeper into the history of its people. Therefore, when there is an opportunity to travel, do not abnegate this.


A house of a Lutsk architect is an extraordinary amazing building of the architect Mykolai Holovan. He started to build his palace-home-studio on the outskirts of Lutsk in 1979. The walls of the construction combine different styles; the courtyard is heaped with figured of mystical creatures, women, animals. Tourists visit this place not the first year, but the owner shows his creation freely and cheerfully. An antique style and a certain mystique of biblical themes, cupids can be traced in the interior. In the office of the architect Mykolai the faces of his relatives starting with the Cossacks are sculpted on the walls. In the nineties it was a gathering place for creative elite – Ivan Drach, Les Taniuk, and Vasyl Zinkevych. The architect’s house is also called the local “house with chimeras”. The fancy palace is included into the top 5 most extravagant houses in Ukraine. Therefore, being in Lutsk, we recommend visiting the house of the hospitable master!

You can visit this unusukl house going by bus Bukovel – Lutsk, such tourist buses run on a given route daily.

Of course, if you plan a corporate tour for your company or for a large number of people, our company “Transfer to Bukovel” will provide you with a comfortable bus Bukovel – Lutsk. We specialize in the passenger transfers throughout Ukraine; we have a great experience in this area, which allows us and our employees to provide transfer for long distances. Constantly improving the quklity of our services and raising the level of our drivers’ skills, we become better thanks to you.

You can drown up an application for a trip by the bus Bukovel – Lutsk on our website, or calling our manager, who will answer all your questions. The motto of our company “Transfer to Bukovel” is quklity at reasonable prices.

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